Mar 7, 2008

Yes, I finally found the reason...

Congratulations to me!!! I start my new job on Sunday at 5pm. This place is nice!!!The bar is beautiful and the menu is just right. No more slop. I hope this is the charm for me. Ever since we have moved to Dundalk it has been so hard for me to find something decent. I miss serving nice food in a nice atmosphere. Plus, the owner's son has a glass blowing business right next door,his work is beautiful... He already has a write-up in the paper. Candles and hand blown glass are my favorite things. I am a definite candle nut. I just have a good feeling in my gut about this. So here is to new beginning's!!!

Mar 6, 2008

Why Drama Why?

Too fucking early in the morning. My mother is starting about the dog, saying I have to get rid of it now. She is "not a dog person"...She has already made me get rid of a cat that I love, now she is trying to get rid of my dog. I can't take much more. I try so hard to love her, but she makes it impossible. We bought a truck this month. One more month and it will be ours.. I only owe $200 and that truck is ours. I did buy bed yesterday. It gets delivered today..That will be so nice. We haven't slept in a bed together in almost a year. I think that will make a big difference in the way we feel when we wake up. Post more later...

Mar 5, 2008

Cause I wanna be a cowboy baby!!!

Well another change....Rumors abounded at my work that I was a drug dealer?/// I take them, don't sell them...So anyhow I have been looking for new work, I think I found the right place for me. I miss serving seafood and liquor, mostly due to the check averages. I am tired of serving $3.99 egg breakfasts and running my butt off. So I have three interviews this afternoon, so keep your fingers crossed.