Mar 30, 2008

Bomb Bomb..Rock the Nation

I think his message is self-explanatory...It's been a hot minute since I heard a musician speak his mind so fluently and truthfully. I think Americans are very aggressive by nature. The individuals that aren't, never seem to get their voice heard...Why is that? We have the highest incarceration rate in the world. New day slavery? The prison industry employees millions, not just correction officers, but parole, probation, judges, "court-mandated" drug programs that don't help companies, food suppliers, so inmates can work for 45cents-$1 a day. The way we handle justice in our country personally embarrasses me. I know from firsthand personal experience that their isn't true justice for all. I think alot of judges have good intentions, but the machine is too big, the votes for re-election are too important. So when you are standing before a judge, with your court appointed public defender, does that judge really see YOU?? I don't think so..I think after so many years the ideals about truth and justice get lost, people get jaded. You aren't a person anymore, just a criminal. The main reason for embarrassment is if this system actually worked it would be one thing, but check out the recidivism rates...a prison that is called a revolving door is one that isn't accomplishing rehabilitation. It's one big ball of wax, prisons, the so called War on Drugs....I personally think this country was better off before the Harrison Act. At least where narcotics of the opiate family are concerned. Once they pushed that underground, the black market took over and the crime starts. One big freaking merry-go-round that never stops. When I look at our elderly population that is supposed to live on their little SSI checks, it breaks my heart. These people go without decent health care because they are forced to make or groceries? Food or prescriptions? At least people are getting more physical ex- cerise because we are choosing to walk, because we have too. Gas costs too much money. We have basically destroyed this planet...our planet is a living breathing mass, and we have proven to be a virus that is unstoppable, spreading our pollution and waste, just like cancer does to the human body. When will it stop? I don't think it is ever going to stop and that is what scares me the most....I am indeed a flawed human being, but I do what I can to not hurt the environment. I hope to have grandchildren one day, but than that leaves me another I want my children to bring another generation to this world as it stands right now? I can't honestly say I do when I think about what their world will be like.