Jan 29, 2013


I totaled my car last night. Woke up in the hospital. They had to cut me and my clothes off to get me out of my Honda Accord. Thankfully just very bruised and scraped up. Not sharing pictures, lol. Apparently everything happened to my left side as that is the most damaged. Figures I am left handed. Typing slowly. Tina ( sis-in-law) picked me up from hospital. I cried when I heard my Bella was totaled. I cried thanking God that I was alive and that Rocco wasn't in the car. Than I came home and Tina took care of me and we talked. I realized that I have been humbled. Sometimes in life when things are going smoothly and no major bumps in the road, we forget to give thanks. We all cry to God when things are going wrong. I'm out shopping, going to lunch etc. Settled in my new place. I realized that I haven't been thanking God or anyone for my good fortune of late. Now that I am banged and bruised up I can't stop thinking. How did my car flip over the metal barrier? I have come close to death many times, why am I still alive? I realized I am happy to be alive. That maybe I need to do as I used too. Say my prayers every night, giving thanks. I have been very blessed in my lifetime. I am still a little woozy when I sit up. Just wanted to check in and tell everyone to take 3 minutes from your day and give thanks for all your blessings, no matter how big or small. Don't wait for a life endangering car accident. Peace!