Sep 5, 2008

Fighting with my internet provider

The reason I haven't been blogging is due to the idiots at my cable company. We have the all inclusive package; phone, internet, and cable. Well apparently they got confused as my son has his own internet and so do I, all thru them. I wanted a new phone number. As soon as they hooked up my new number yesterday my internet went dead. They then informed me that they now have to send a tech to my house- Sunday. I am an internet junkie, how dare them? They apologized, fed me a bunch of bullshit about the FCC guidelines and blah blah and more blah. Plus, they were charging me for two separate lines, so after Sunday Jesse and I will be hooked up to one modem and lose the extra charge. I believe deep down that all they would have to do is reset my modem temporarily, til Sunday, but they said no, they have to follow a protocol with a new phone number. Mind you they did not tell me all this shit when they said it was no problem to get a new number. So til Sunday I am sharing a computer with my 18 year old son, who also lives online. Not pretty in my house right now...And such is life these days...

Sep 1, 2008

What are words for?

Do we ever really say what we mean? What we truly think? I doubt it. I was raised to hold my tongue. Didn't work too well. If I think it, chances are, it will spew forth from my lips. Not one of my most endearing qualities. Maybe it comes with age, the right to speak your mind. So many people,(just look at politicians) say what is expected, smile politely. I don't think I have the polite gene, except when I am on a time-clock...and that is only out of necessity. Do you think the average Joe would really be happy with the absolute truth? I don't. People like comfort, in their electronic gadgets, home, work, and even if the words are false, verbal reassurance is a great provider of comfort. A spoken Linus blanket. I have great compassion, cry at stupid movies, but bristle at bullshit. Life is too short, ya think?