Feb 11, 2012

Naughty Girl

Yup, I can be very naughty, just no longer at the expense of myself.  I am ready to fall in love again.  That lustful, yearning, can't eat, sleep etc. kind of love.  It's been so long since someone has made me feel that way.  I know, I'm not 18 anymore, but still.  There is complacent, comfortable companionship.  That is pleasant and safe.  I don't know why this is on my mind this snowy morning.  I want a cross between DeNiro and Pacino and Redford.  Does that even exist?  Throw in a little John Mayer, just, well, because.  Sigh, too much time on my mind.  I guess I know that I left the raunchy life behind which I do not miss because it almost killed me.  The men though, the ones with the gift of gab that can talk you right out of your clothes, I miss them from time to time. 

On another totally different note, looks like the snow storm wasn't what they talked it up to be.  Well, at least I have alot of toilet paper, and milk and cigs.  Oh yeah, and duct tape.  For some reason I don't feel secure in any home unless I have duct tape.  Doomsday training and such. When doomsday does happen, if it happens in my time, you shall see me standing on top of a pharmacy with my monthly scripts and duct tape with the words HELP written on the pharmacy roof. Sorry, I'm in an a weird state of mind this am.  The words just come out.  Time to get in the shower and get ready for my best girlfriends who are enroute for an estrogen filled lunch,.Peace out girl scouts!

Feb 9, 2012

It's about me sometimes

This is my morning song, a cry for help to do what is right.  I am growing weary of always trying to make others happy at my own expense. I am not the martyr type of chick, this I know.  Resentments will build and than finally I will blow up.  I am old enough to know better and how to prevent this from happening.  I never realized what a people pleaser I am until now.  I don't want to be in those shoes anymore.  So today is the day that I shall make a change and do for me.  I no longer will be miserable to please another person. Peace!!