Jan 2, 2010

Been busy!

Sorry I haven't been posting or commenting on anyone's blog. Work has been brutal. I have two more shifts to go, than I am OFF!!!!!!. So Happy New Year's to everyone and I will be back on Monday...This girl has gotta work or Baggy Pants and I will not have a roof over our head....such is life today. One day at a time.....Be blessed...

Dec 27, 2009


One more shift to knock out, today..than two days in a row off. Thank God. Yesterday was SLOW. Tedious. A thumb twiddling day. The importance of being idle is cool, but not at work. Slow=No $$$... I don't like to waste my time for $3 an hour when my rent is due. I am on a mission people. To get back to where I was financially in Ga, even though the cost of living is twice as much here. When I am able I have too many thoughts running through my head. A massive jumble. It's too overwhelming. I am thankful for my blessings, no matter how frustrated I get. In, out, upside down, my thoughts are all over the place at time, but yet, I have a goal. Love is a time machine that I keep replaying in my mind. I got my feet on the street but I feel like I'm flying above looking down at my life. Time to go.....Please make it rain tips today.....:P!