Mar 9, 2012

My Rant

I borrowed this photo from a friend. Love it!  I haven't felt a need to write lately because I have been too busy doing real world things. Cleaning, reading, bill paying, crying, paying more bills, lol.  Actually my overhead isn't that bad so I am counting my blessings.  I have been watching that show Doomsday Preppers, I think it's called.  I am learning new lingo.  Bug-out Bags = A backpack filled with about 3-4 days of survival tools.  One man has been building an underground "condo".  He has spent about 3 million already. He has investors who are guaranteed a living space under the earth.  Actually, it was rather impressive.  Doomsday means different things to different people.  There is nuclear attacks, the financial collapse of the US., chemical warfare and a few other items. Jesse, his friend Reuben and I watched one episode together.  I am watching this and looking at my son wondering what his world will be like when I have moved on.  I actually felt sad.  Yes, I love our technology and gadgets. I use them daily.  I just can't imagine being 22 in today's society.  How will he afford to get married and have a family?  My life hasn't been perfect  but in the whirlwind of marriage, kids, addiction, death know what?  I am blessed.  I grew up with great music, hitchhiked from MD to Florida up to MA and back when I was 14.  My girlfriend and I wanted to see the world.  Gone one month and came home unharmed safe and sound. I now carry my keys like a knife just to walk to the store.  What happened?  Is my son and his family going to be walking around in gas masks and bug-out bags?  What kind of quality of life is that?  Instead of going to poetry readings or the movies are people going to be doing practice drills because the bomb is going to drop?  My world was reading The Dharma Bums and rolling a doobie when I was young.  I was fearless and free.  Now I see fear everywhere.  Mistrust.  Hatred.  Poverty so blatant that you can taste it.  Like welfare cheese.  A big ass brick of yellow wanna be Velveeta.  No matter how bad you wanna be, you ain't never gonna be...affluent, have decent health care, living the dream etc.  I am living the dream my friends when I sit here and write, when my coffee is hot and sweet and my Newport's are on my desk.  I don't need an automatic de-icer for my driveway to make me happy.  Yup, money is great, I enjoy life when I have it.  My generation learned a lesson that this one has yet to discover.  The smallest pleasures in life all add up to fill that big hole.  The hole inside, where the soul resides.  Fuck a bug-out bag and give me soul.  Peace!!!! 

Mar 5, 2012

You've got the facts, you have the information...

Now what to do with it?  Politicians, schmoliticians.  I am tired of watching the news, polls etc. Personally I feel that politicians are rather like someone on drugs, when their lips are moving, they are lying. Sorry people, that's just me. Corruption, greed, self-absorption, narcissism, putting their own spin on the truth.  Maybe they need a stay in a recovery based facility? 

I live in a tiny town in Pa.  I ran. Not because I am a coward, but because I didn't want to die.  When you are living in a town that's nickname is Bodymore, Murdarland you would consider moving also.  Too much tempatation lurks around every corner for fresh meat. The politicians started a program called Baltimore- The City That Reads, and painted it on every park bench.  It was soon covered with graffiti, Reads covered with Breeds.  ( I didn't sleep well last night and watched re-runs of The Wire).  There are so many parts of that city that I love, and many I hate. Politicians can only do so much.  The people make the real difference.  That's what I am trying to express, I guess.  When you personally give up and don't stand up to be heard, don't get mad because noone is listening. Peace!