Sep 19, 2011


Rick passed away Sunday night in the ER. I left early for work and we were concerned that he had lost about 10lbs since coming home from the hospital. When I walked out the door the last words he said to me were, "If you bring me a hot roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy, I promise I'll eat". His skin pallor was looking grey. I got a text at 730pm that he had just been taken out of the house by ambulance. Rick had signed a DNR. They put him on life support. A clot had broken loose in his brain. Tina honored his wishes. He died 20 minutes after they unplugged him. Two brothers in two years. I posted the wedding picture so you guys can see Rick and his wife Tina. The circle of life. They were there for me in Georgia and now I am here for Tina and my nephew. The biggest surprise of all was that Jesse who hasn't been here yet, showed up at my front door a half hour after Rick died. That meant the world to me. He is a young man with character. I am proud. He comforted his Aunt and we spent some time together and than he went home. I took off yesterday to help Tina deal with all the phone calls etc. Another irony....the next morning Tina woke up and found a dime in the middle of the floor. That is a family sign I learned when Kenny passed. Rick was 49. He died clean and sober just like his brother. Time to start healing....Treasure each moment, everyday. They are precious. Peace.