Aug 6, 2011

How much will money buy?

I am sitting here typing before I have to go to work. I am listening to a song and one of the lines is "How much will money buy"..It got me thinking. The importance of the almighty dollar. You can't survive without it. Some of us don't have very much, others have so much that it makes you wonder. How much is enough? How many flat screen tvs, jewelry etc. does one person need? I tend to shop when I get depressed. After all the bags are opened and the price tags cut off, I don't think I feel any better. I go for rides and see the beautiful homes that have at least 5 bedrooms. I wonder to myself, who needs a house that big? I wait on couples every night who live in those big houses. They eat out every night. Their kids are grown. They never use the fabulous kitchen. So what I am pondering is, how much is enough? How many cars and boats? Some people border on ridiculous. It's the small things in life that sustain me. I watch our economy in a crisis that I don't think we are going to be able to wiggle our way out of. The saddest part is that the people in charge of our destinies are "The Have's". They don't give a flying fig about me and my rent and basic needs. I have visions of them sipping martini's on their yachts, smiling and laughing as the wind blows through their hair. Me and my kind are the farthest thing from their minds as another bottle of vodka gets opened. The one thing I do have that money can't buy is peace of mind. Money can buy alot of things folks, but peace of mind is priceless and I wouldn't trade it for anything or any dollar amount in the world..Peace...

Aug 3, 2011

Me and the girls...

Yesterday was a great day. Once a month I go to Baltimore and see my doctor. I than hook up with my best friend and we go have lunch at 'The Piggy Diner"...It's actually called The North Point Diner but Mary Lou the owner, collects pigs, hence the name. My friend, Stacy, has known me for years, through the good, bad, ugly and all that's in between. Our friendship has survived through it all. Stacy is the sister I never had. When I was going through the rough times, she prayed for me. She has walked to my house in her pajamas after working 12 hours to bring me food because I was sick in bed. I could call her at 5am and tell her to throw on a pot of coffee, cause I was walking over.

Now I moved to Dallastown and we aren't in walking distance of each other's homes anymore, but our friendship is still intact and strong. She has come up here to visit me and we have plans to explore Lancaster next month.

The world today can be cold and lonely. If God blesses you with one good friend in this lifetime hang on to them for dear life. Real friends are few and far between. I am not a high maintance chick. A dear friend and some good coffee and a little laughter is what makes my world go around...Peace!