Sep 29, 2012

Re-runs & Gossip

I am watching someone I love and care for falling into the hell of addiction. Thankfully I just listen as I know there not a damn thing I can do until that person is ready to make a change. It's odd, you know, to see yourself about 15 years ago with that "everything will work out somehow" attitude. It makes me thankful I have conquered the majority of my demons. It makes me thankful for the life I live today. I just pray that my friend's epiphany will come in time before all is lost that can't be replaced. I don't like watching a re-run of my past. Anyhow, I am making a real effort not to commit a sin that I am guilty of way to much. Gossip. It starts out so innocently and than the next thing you know, you and a friend are disecting the life of a mutual friend as if they were a frog. NONYA is my new mantra. None Ya Business. If it doesn't apply or have relevance to me or my family than I will not support any conversations that are negative. Women are not the only ones guilty of this. Men love to gossip ALOT. Seems to be alot of yard bashing in the neighborhoods. Men love them some yard talk. I just realize I catch myself saying things at times that are better left unsaid. I bought myself a cheap little leather and silver bracelet that says Count Your Blessings. Everytime I look at the engraved words it is a reminder of how lucky and blessed I am. I don't ever want to forget the gifts that I have been showered with in my lifetime. Sunshine and Rain...Joy and Pain.....Peace!