Nov 5, 2011

Good-bye Mr. Rooney

He was my favorite part of 60 minutes. I will miss him!

Nov 4, 2011

Organ theft....

Refugees face organ theft in the Sinai

Bedouin smugglers involved in people trafficking are also believed to be stealing organs from refugees who are unable to pay their demands for large amounts of cash to take them into Israel.

This is the story I woke up to on I guess nothing is sacred in this world these days. All the more reason to be thankful for what I have in my life now. I believe we can conquer our inner demons but when it comes to the masses it seems we have no control. Stealing organs...what next? Human smuggling must stop as the biggest irony is that the ones who are seeking the dream of a better life are the ones who never make it, due to predatory forces that seem worse than any nightmare. Pray for Peace!

Nov 1, 2011

Serenity and just being happy

Lazy Tuesday morning. Damn does it feel good. I think I am finally learning how to value money. When you spend many years of your life where money doesn't matter, because all you do with it is burn it up and get more. Even though I always worked, I would wake up broke everyday. Now in my new life I have a checking account and a savings. I even cut coupons. I am saving for things that I want. I am sending J money here and there to help him stand on his own size 12 feet. He is learning that he can trust me and my word is good. That is the best feeling in the whole wide world. I can look my boy in the eye and he knows. I have gotten better. We can make jokes now about the stupid things that happened in the past. I learned I am not afraid to be alone. I am accountable for me and my actions. It's a great feeling. I pray it continues. Peace!