Aug 12, 2011

Constantly Changing

Everytime a smooth patch comes along the big bump comes along. My brother-in-law and his wife, my friend are slitting up. I know this sounds selfish but damn, I just find peace and another fucking bomb drops. He is moving out sometime this week. Tina and I are going to split the bills, but I think I am going to start bankrolling money just in case things go awry. It took me long enough to learn to prepare for a rainy day. Through the last episodes of insanity I learned that money gives you the freedom to make choices. Bottom line. I have lived in hotels and yearned for my own place. Hopefully Tina is as tired of moving as I am. Rick is Kenny's younger brother. Rick is 49 or so I think. They both grew up in very dysfunctional homes. Rick has always chosen women a little older than him. Looking more for a mother than a wife. Tina is a great wife. Their biggest issue is her son, who is 20 and unemployed. Tina married Rick when she was 47, her first marriage ever. Her whole life it has been just her and her son. No man can ever compete. Her son has been told that he was the man of the house since he was 11. Rick didn't stand a chance. He isn't perfect, trust me. Her husband and son literally hate each other. There is so much unhappiness in this house that they both decided it would be best to live seperatelty. Right now everyone is being civil, but I know quickly that can change. So all cash goes in the bank from today on. Stockpiling so I can land standing on my feet. Peace.