Jan 9, 2010

My son missed school yesterday

If any of you have been following my blog for quite awhile, you will remember the post of him calling out of work because he did not have a belt and his pants were falling down. Well yesterday, Friday he missed school. He rides the MTA, public transportation to school. Our dog, Auggie followed him ALL the way to the bus and than tried to get on the damn bus with him. Jesse had to get off the bus and come home and he got yelled at by the bus driver. Auggie is nothing but loyal. So they both came home, Jesse aggravated, Auggie panting, both had snow all over them. A boy and his dog. Next thing you know Auggie will be eating his homework... Peace....

Jan 7, 2010


What has happened to all our female glamour girls? If you were a 17 year old boy, whose poster would be hanging on your wall? I believe when I was growing up, everyone had a Farrah Fawcett poster. I know I had the hair....

Jan 4, 2010


In other words, I am off for two whole days! The holiday week was brutal. We actually had a line out the door on Christmas Day...Repeat scenario on New Years Day morning. I feel like someone has mentally beat me up. I all out of personality thank you very much. For the most part the customers were very gracious and patient. It's your co-worker who can make you insane. I work with all women. We women know how viscous we can be. Well, throw in tired, overworked and underpaid and put us all together. Due to the crappy economy, we are fighting over tables, no holds barred. Many girls will say that so and so is their "regular" because they know they are decent tippers. I always tell my favorite customers that if they would like me to wait on them, please request me at the door with the host/hostess. That way there is no dispute. It also makes certain guests uncomfortable because they get put in a postion with two waitress'ss in their face saying "Don't you want to sit in my station"...That is very unprofessional. I still have customers that I stay in touch with from the steakhouse in Ga. We talk via facebook. A decent customer is a treasure.

So today shall be my pajama/catching up day. There are blogs I must visit. Dishes to wash and dinner to make. I enjoy my blog reading and feel slight withdrawal if I don't read and catch up. So I am going to start now and hit my favorite blogs and see what you all have been up to this last week. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. I hope you were all with the ones you love or at the least, loved the ones you were with. Peace!