Mar 25, 2010

Thought for the day

How do I hide my hostility at work when the whole back of the house at this time does not speak English? My boss replaced 90% of the kitchen and dishroom with Latino help.. They are a beautiful people, but now my friend Mark, who is sort of in Roberts shoes, almost 50 and busts his ass at Denny's, and maybe two others are now in the minority at work, with their hours cut..Many of us are getting frustrated, but if we open our mouth, than we will be colllecting unenjoyment. It has really made me see my boss in a new light.. Not very pleased...Picking up an early shift today, so I am outta here and on my way. Be back manyana! (sp)

Mar 23, 2010


Through a fellow favorite blogger, Sarcastic Bastard, I found this site. On this site I found this photo. I simply can't fathom what is going through certain people's mind when they take a photo such as this. This is what I do on my day off by the way. Absolutely nothing productive...


I just sat here and cried. I just watched this documentary and I implore you to take some time out and watch it also. It's about the history of the garment industry in New York. It's about labor and politics. It's about families. The people who came here with a dream. Unions. WORK. People who took pride in their trade. Many of the men in this movie reminded me of my father. He was a plant manager of a thriving shoe factory when I was little. I remember being a little girl and going on Saturday's with my dad to work. I would sit in his office and write down numbers on a tag and than put the tags on the shoes. The smells and sounds of a big factory impressed me. My father cried when he gave out the pink slips. I was 11. The factory closed. I remember him sitting at our dining room table shaking his head and telling me, "If it's not made in America, don't you ever buy it" I solemly nodded my head, feeling that it was something very important. It was and I never forgot it. The men and women in this documentary brought me back to my childhood. When every grown-up I knew had a job. They worked for one company their entire life and retired, usually in Florida. One elderly woman in this documentary summed it up in one sentence.."A man needs to work"....I agree. How many of you grew up with the jingle "Look for the union label?" My coffee is now too cold and I am going to reheat it. Take some time out and watch this documentary. Peace!

Mar 21, 2010

It's in the air...

Been all out of whack this week...too tired to blog or anything else. I took the picture of the ferris wheel out of the car window. I feel like I am on one of those 'effing things as of late. Up,up, and up, and then, big drop down...backwards, forwards, start and stop. I am going to savor my two days off after I knock this shift out, like a delicious meal or fine wine. I want to read everyone's blogs, cook something wonderful, and CHILL.. The weather is gorgeous out. The snow is becoming a distant memory and spring is very much in the air. Kenny used to tell me all the time that there was a certain smell in the air, the aroma of spring. It was our favorite season. Spring forward. Hope. Springs eternal. Shorts and flip-flops. Flowers. Yard sales. Frozen ices. Sunshine. Cool breezes and perfect evening air. Carnivals. The gloom of winter is lifting. I am thankful! I shall hit everyone's blogs tomorrow and catch up. Enjoy the sunshine!