Sep 15, 2012

What to do?

It's been awhile since the urge to write has beckoned me. I'm finally settled in my new place and I love it. I have the living room finished and it is just the way I want it. My roommate Katie says it's perfect and homey. I think she has wonderful taste so that was a decent complement. I'm waiting for my friend Joe to arrive today. We shall do the usual. Dinner and watch some tv. The best part of our time together is when we simply talk. He uses the word chat. "Lets chat". I love the sound of it. In other things that have been on my mind, I am literally astounded by the prescription drug abuse by our younger generation. All of us might have drilled in no illegal drugs, but apparently they think it's ok to rob our medicine cabinets. The worst part is when someone genuinely needs pain medication the pill abusers have made it very difficult for the folks in genuine need. My friends mother-in-law is 60 something and works 3 jobs just to make ends meet. She has everything wrong with her. Very nice woman. She is actually afraid to ask her doctor for medication, which she desparetly needs. I think that is a damn shame. Thankfully she is listening to her daughter-in-law and found a new doctor that will listen to her and hopefully help her with her needs. The invincibility of youth. I remember it well. 40 and 50 seemed eons aways. 22 years old with balls of steel. What consequences? That word meant nothing to me. I have noticed when I try to engage a younger person in a conversation about how they are going to ruin their life, it is going in one ear and out the other. I just hope that maybe I get through to one person. Part of the reason I moved out of Tina's home is because she is dealing with many issues with her adult son. I felt that by my being there she couldn't give him her full focus. Noone wants to acknowledge that their 21 year old son is addicted to opiates or whatever. So many kids are lost these days. Their coping skills seem to be self-medication. I just want to shake them and the addiction away. Sadly, that is not possible. My question to all of you is this- What can we as knowledgable adults do to help save this next generation? Literally save them from themselves. That is what has been on my mind all week. I see parents cry. Father's turn their head away because their voice is breaking as they try to describe what they are going through. Also the economy is no help to this situation. How many of you know young people with AA or BA degrees that are unemployed? How many of you are having your young ones need to come home for financial reasons? What are we to do? I would really like some feedback on this because many of my adult friends are in this situation. Just because some of us were able to save ourselves doesn't mean we have a magic wand with answers. Also, I am 45. It took wasting the best years of my life to understand. Sigh...I have errands to run and waiting on Joe to get here. God Bless and be well. Peace!