Nov 19, 2011

Just curious

Have any of you tried the new "blogger"

The early am.

Wakey wakey! It's my favorite time of day. Plus, a dear friend loaned me the money to get this BRAND NEW LAP TOP that I am typing on. My old one was ready to die and it got to be such a pain in the arse that I didn't even like writing or using it. I also have the web cam, but no pics allowed of me this time of the morning. Scary! I had a few days off this week which was a treat, but back to the grind today. I have been on this money saving mission and I am seeing progress. I look at something and decide do I WANT this or do I NEED this? This new way of looking at things has made a difference in the way I spend. I want peace of mind in knowing that if there is an emergency I will have some kind of resources. I count my blessings everyday. I am proving to myself that I can be a decent, honorable person. Who would have seen this day come? Peace out girl scouts!