Jul 10, 2010

Back in the family house Sept 1...

That's right. Outta the slum.. I feel the The Jeffersons. Movin' on up...I called the tenants and we have managed to work it out rather civilly. My mortgage is $714 a month for a whole house. You can't get an apartment that cheap. No more slum lord. The housing authorities have been calling us as he has prior complaints from previous tenants. They said that once they come in here they will have to shut him down. This is a single family dwelling and not zoned to be a boarding house. He is currently renting to 5 people. So now I have something to look forward to. I have a fenced in yard so the first thing I am doing is getting my puppy. I think Kenny would be proud. Two months ago I was in a murky dark depression. I had tried to commit suicide. I failed. God has a purpose for me. Not really sure what it is yet, but I do believe that I will find out..Peace

Jul 9, 2010

It feels good!

Yesterday was wonderful. My ex neighbor/friend invited me over to go swimming and eat pizza yesterday. She calls me her auntie. Her name is Natalie and she is 25. She has awesome parents who love her dearly. They have been through the insanity with her. She wound up getting her certificate as a medical assistant, got rid of the crazy boyfriend and now hangs closely with her family. I am so proud of her. We had so much fun. Her dad built everything by hand in their back yard. The deck, steps, everything. It's beautiful. I finally was able to relax. Sunshine and a good girlfriend can do wonders for a person. We found a place that sells decent large pizzas for $9. It doesn't take much to make this woman happy. I wonder if the neighbors will laugh at me if I go out and buy a kiddie pool? Not that I would care. As long as my ass can fit in it, and it keeps me cool I don't give a flying fig. I am off from work today. Count your blessings everyday people. May you not fry in this horrid heat....Peace!

Jul 7, 2010


Have you ever tried to help a stupid person? Pointless. There is a guy I know. Wants to get into treatment, so he says. I am the queen of getting it done. I found a list of programs, facilities etc. What does the asshole do? Calls me this morning to borrow $50. He has done one too many drugs. He hasn't called any of the places. Not my problem anymore. Of course when I said no I got the click of the phone on his end. How is someone going to try to make me feel bad for not loaning them MY money? I am barely making it as it is, and you want to borrow my money not for anything positive, but for drugs. Nope, I am not the one. See I have played the game. I know every story, every scam. You will lose if you try to flip it around. I never deny anyone food or the like. There is just too much help available in this city if you want it. Many of the places are free. So another number has been deleted from my phone. Have a great day...