Sep 3, 2011

This video footage is by Thomas Edison

Have you seen Bruce Richard Reynolds is a song about The Great Train Robbery in England. The caper was actually brilliant and successful. Mr. Reynolds is now a free man and across the pond he is a cult hero. My favorite band wrote a song about him and the robbery story. He stayed on the run for many years. This band that I like so much does alot of work in prisons and they support a group called MOJO. Miscarriage of Justice Organization for people who are wrongly imprisoned. MOJO does wonderful work and have actually helped free some innocent people. The band has flavors of Johnny Cash, along with some techno and rock. The one member of the band is into a form of art called death masks. He goes to death row prisons and makes a mask of the condemned before they die for the family. Remember, before you say phooey on the inmates of our nation, they are some one's child, spouse and parent. We live in an incarceration nation. Building more prison's is not an answer. Starting young with high risk youth is a start. Many people today are not equipped with the parenting skills that our parents and some of us have. Yes, there are people who belong in prisons. Notice how many affluent white collar criminals get off with a slap on the wrist, whereas the young man/woman who is poor with a public defender usually winds up behind bars. Try getting employment as a convicted felon. Yes, there are consequences to every action. When you are in your 40's do you still have to be penalized for something you did at 22? Anyhow, enjoy the video. I believe Mr. Edison made this film in 1905. This was just the footage that was used for the video. Have a great day. Peace!

Aug 30, 2011

Another take on the 12 step plan and honesty

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Some people might not find the humor in this band's take on the 12 Step Plan, but I do. Sometimes you have to laugh about the past and the pain or you will go insane. Not talking about glorifying the things that we have done, but making peace with the demons and the shame.

Someone commented awhile ago that I don't go into detail about the past that much. My addiction is something that I haven't made the focus of my blog. Oh well, here goes.. I used to be a junkie. I was married to one. I started at 23 with the hard drugs, ie heroin. My late great one introduced me to the opiate wonders. We did everything together. Used, laughed, cried, detoxed, jailed, and all the other good shit that addicts do. We got clean oneday. It took years. We got tired..The biggest irony of his death is that on his death bed he had a junkie's dream of medication. He didn't want it. Kenny wanted clarity and to feel. He died clean and sober June 1, 2009. We had moved to Georgia to start a new life and we did it. Than he died. Ironic huh? Through all the overdoses etc., he died of cancer and the staph infection that had spread throughout his body. He died in our bed with me, Baggy Pants and his brother on a beautiful lake in Ga. Noone thought that two addicts together could make it. Most don't. I remember the fights over drugs/money. I remember doing the happy dance when we got our tax refund so we could blow it. Only another addict can understand how a person can go through $5,000 in 3 days.

So the reason I don't really write about it now is that I am in a totally different phase in my life. I am focused on doing positive things and moving forward. I am not the same person at 44 that I was at 34. So now I laugh as much as possible and try to have fun. I don't always succeed. It's not easy. Kenny used to have a saying about SOBER...he would say "son of a bitch everything's real"...I always got it. I refuse to get caught up with the monster again. I don't have the strength. I value my life..."Sometimes the light don't shine, that's the time we have to open our eyes" "You and me baby gonna get rehabilitated" - A3 RIP KLR....

Aug 28, 2011


I swore I wasn't going to post this weekend, but argh...he is making me crazy with his lack of patience. I am trying to help him learn Excel and also call Verizon and find out why his work order was cancelled. I finally get a tech support person on the phone and he proceeds to scream and yell at them, resulting in them hanging up. I don't think I might be the appropriate person to tutor him with Excel. 74 year old men are not the easiest to teach and combined with his temper it is almost impossible. He told me he had a brain anneurism and they had to remove part of his brain. That is the reason he is subject to fits of rage. I will buy that explanation to a point. He hates this modern world that we live in. He is not flexible and willing to bend. He is like the oak tree instead of the willow. God give me strength. He is going home tomorrow. I enjoy his company, but since his loss of employment he has become very bitter and miserable. I don't recognize the friend that I met at Denny's. I think a part of his soul died when he lost his job. Speaking of jobs I must go to mine at 2pm. I hope everyone has power and is safe and dry. Peace.