Jan 4, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words


So this is 2012. The older I get the more bah humbug I become. The holidays meant something different when your children are little and excited. I did purchase a few gifts for those closest to me, but everyone else will just have to be happy with the holiday cards I mailed. Right now my agenda is employment and getting my room back in shape. My room is rather small and I have lots of clothes, pocketbooks and shoes etc. I know, poor me. I am sitting here typing watching Animal Cops in Detroit and the number of dog fighting cases really astounds me. I am a dog lover from way back and in all the high crime areas there is numerous dog fighting. What a civilized bunch we are. They said in Detroit there are so many stray cats and dogs that now people just shoot at the animals when they feel they are a nuisance. I am changing the channel. I don't have the stomach. I am hoping this year brings kindness and a sense of caring for our fellow man/woman/animal. We are all one in the big picture. Every action has a reaction. I have given up on the government ever implementing any type of change. It must happen from each individual. One person at a time. Time to clean....Peace!