Jul 23, 2011

Another one gone too young

Amy Winehouse is dead. The two pics are of her at the beginning of the career ride and the second half of her roller coaster ride. 27 years old. Putting aside all the crap the paparazzi had to say about her, the girl had a voice that was a gift from God. Now she is gone. So far they haven't stated the cause of her death. It is under investigation. I could care less about her public antics. I simply liked the sound of her voice. I do think there is a tad bit of irony in that her first hit was..."They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said no, no, no...RIP Miss Winehouse..

Jul 21, 2011

Brown grass and sweaty boobs!

That sums up my weather forecast for tomorrow. God I wish it would rain. The grass crackles under your feet when you walk. I was surprised that people came out to eat tonight. Than I realized, they are using the restaurant's air conditioning instead of their own. The two for one package during a heatwave, dinner and a/c. I am starting to get a routine going in my PA life here.

The one thing that I do find amazing is everywhere I turn I am running into people from Baltimore. Funny story ( I think) I get off work tonight and go to the local convenience store to get ice cream and cigs. A guy comes in behind me and see my uniform and ask me for directions to my work. I laugh and tell him I just moved here from Baltimore. He says me too. Dude asks where I'm from, I said Dundalk, he says "Oh hell yeah, I'm from down the street in Essex, the shit factory is our mutual landmark" We proceed to high five each other while the other two local people look at us like we are crazy. The shit factory. Yes, that is one of the great landmarks of the town I just left. Should have been an omen. Than the clerk rings up my junk and says "That's funny, we just hired a girl from Baltimore"...Urban flight is happening right before my eyes.

What has happened to our once beautiful cities? In a way I am glad that my father is not alive to see the society of the here and now. He was too old school. It would break his heart. His world was black and white, right and wrong. Very simple. When I was little he used to take me to Lexington Market to eat raw oysters on the half shell and we would go to Pollock Johnny's and get the best hot dogs. Now if you are at Lexington Market they assume you are there to buy pills and ask you to leave. When I go to sleep at night I look forward to waking up in this little quaint town. Brown grass, sweaty boobs and all. I'll take that over fear, chaos and insanity anyday. Plus, they must keep the shit factory hidden here. That's a good thing people. Peace!

Jul 20, 2011

Coming Full Circle

Epiphanies come at the strangest times. I just finished watching Panic in Needle Park. That dope scene was a bit before my time, but the story is the same. The lifestyle, the sickness. There was a time in my twenties when that lifestyle was edgy, even glamorous, strange as that may sound. It is part of the disease, that underbelly way of living. The most wonderful thing I realized tonight was that I am so very thankful that the way of living I choose now is something I wouldn't trade for the best bag, hit, shot whatever. I try not to think about the past that much. To this day I still have the occasional nightmare that I am in the mix again. Than I wake up. Covered in sweat. It takes a few minutes of looking around at my surroundings to realize that it was indeed a dream and not my reality. I sometimes wish I could make people who are still caught up, that life can be so wonderful, astounding and beautiful. The circle of life maybe? I pray that anyone who is lost will one day swim upward, out of the muck and to the surface. Peace!

Jul 17, 2011

Sunday Morning

I woke up deluged with news about Casey Anthony' release. Quoting Dad, "It is what it is". I prefer to spend my Sunday not dwelling on America's hot topic of the moment. The ultimate trial will take place many years from now between her and her maker. I am going to spend my Sunday cooking a nice breakfast, a short dog walk and than off to work. Knock out my shift tomorrow and than woo hoo..off Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I for one am not getting myself caught up in this whole Casey Anthony drama. I remember when it first happened, I blogged about it. It's in my archives somewhere. I know how this is going to end. She is going to probably accept that million dollar interview offer and who knows..we might see a reality show with her as the star. Nothing is surprising in the good old USA. So I for one, am not going to feed the greed machine. Life can be wonderful and beautiful. It's all about the choices we make. I'm opting for wonder and beauty...Peace....