Oct 3, 2011

What do you see in this picture?

I Iove pics that have a hidden one inside. Do you see what I see?

My heart

I have relegated the nickname Baggy Pants. He is becoming a man and all that goes with it. Jay got a job with a nice car dealership. He left my brother's home yesterday and called me. One of his long-time friends from the church picked him up and found him a temporary place to stay. He got his first pay-check and bought a lunch-box, some tupper-ware and some fork, knives and plates. He is frugal, scared, but my 21 year old boy is doing it. I will always be there to support him for back-up and he knows this, but he hardly asks. He sent me a pic of him in his uniforms that he got fitted for at work. He also knows me very well and asked me not to post them on the internet, lol.

For all you sons out there, please know that moms' make mistakes, but we always love you, unconditionally. I wish there was an invisible bubble I could protect Jay with so no harm could touch a hair on his head, but that is a fantasy. Jay(Jesse, he prefers to go by Jay) is making his way in this very scary world. So I have relegated Baggy Pants to the kid that called out because he didn't have a belt. LOL, He did ask me to call him and make sure he was up for work this morning, new place and all. It is my pleasure. Peace!