May 19, 2012

My life

My friend Joe's daughter mailed me a a card with this picture enclosed.  This was taken at the wedding in New York.  He doesn't read my blog because he thinks it's my diary and it's personal.  LOL...Sometimes it's fun being arm candy, I have to admit.  This is the happiest photo I have of him.  I think the ability to enhance another human beings life is a great quality that is waaay underestimated.  I have a surprise for him this weekend.  A glucose meter and test strips that I bought from the local pharmacy.  Turns out Mr. Joe never has checked his sugar and he is diabetic.  It might not be a "fun" gift, but it is a much needed one. 

Below is a picture of my new hobby.  ( I used to garden alot when my kids were little) This is not a great photo of my garden.  I took this last week.  There were weeds all the way to the sidewalk. I just started shoveling my way down (see the shovel?) and was amazed at how rich the soil was.  Worms and everything. The front porch is abundant with hanging flowers.  A home doesn't seem like a home without flowers.  I have 3 in my bedroom.  There is something wonderful about getting your hands dirty and making something grow from nothing.

Between moving into this house and getting it together I haven't had much time to write.  To my relief, Tina is very adept at unpacking and getting things in order.  I call her the curtain Nazi.  The only room that doesn't have curtains is the living room.  Disorder makes her insane.  We are def the odd couple.  Call me Oscar.  Have a super weekend!

May 15, 2012

Am. Ramblings

Good day to everyone.  My spirits are in a decent place today.  I woke up feeling fresh and full of energy.  Lately that doesn't seem to happen.  I have been thinking about all the things that make me miserable and I actually wrote them down.  Than I took a good look at my list and anything that I was not able to change I removed it from my list and my life.  What I had left I decided I could fix.  My first goal is exercise.  I have been walking the dog twice a day and we go for a fairly long jaunt.  That is not enough.  I bought vitamins and B-12.  I want to be able to walk daily by myself, a power-walk type thing.  I have great music in my phone and bright pink ear buds, so today is going to be my first day of power-walking. The next change is my addiction to something so creamy and sweet that I love.  Ice-cream.  Yup, the cookie dough and the party cake ice-cream are something that I want to ingest daily.  Most people go on booze or drug benders, I go on ice-cream benders.  No more of that.   Yes, I am a smoker. Mostly in the am. with my coffee, and after meals.  I am changing my diet first.  I don't think I am ready to quit smoking. Mainly because I don't want to at this point in my life.  I have to have at least one vice. Who knows?  Maybe this time next year I will change my mind.  The biggest change I want to make is to have my morning ME time.  That is when I meditate and think and write. Since I have moved I have been keeping crazy hours and I noticed that if I don't have my special time in the early dawn, the rest of my day turns to shit.  Do any of you have daily rituals that make you feel complete?  Things that you do daily to give you peace of mind.  I would love to hear about them. Have a great day and Live In The Moment!

May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I haven't been writing simplyh because I have been busy. The best day of the week was Sunday.  J called at 11pm. Saturday night and asked me to leave the door unlocked.  I said, "Why".  He wanted to wake up with me on Mother's Day.  My heart got all mushy.  We wake up Sunday morning and in his usual fashion he makes an announcement for me and his Aunt Tina to come downstairs.  He got her and I both a card and a huge basket of what he calls "girly, women kinda stuff".  He didn't know that the row of purple balls were bath beads, lol.  Yes, Hallmark makes a card for Aunt's on Mother's Day.  Why am I not surprised?  I am not even going to begin my ranting about Hallmark.  It is always the words my kids write in their horrible pensmanship that mean the most to me.  It turned out to be a very pleasant, relaxing day.

  I wish my mother and I had a better relationship but for the time being we are estranged.  There is so much pain there between the both of us that it is easier sometimes to stay away.  I decided I will call her tomorrow and reach out to make peace.  I guess because I am getting older and so is she.  Noone is a perfect parent, I can testify to that one.  I think we just all do our best and muddle through.  I would be hurt if my boys didn't forgive me, so I think I owe that much to her.  I have learned many good lessons in life.  Mostly from my kids.  Happy Mother's Day!