Jan 24, 2009

Fired and Tired

Well, I have been smiling and tolerating insults all to help provide for my family. The head waitress and I do not get along, but I just kill her with kindness. Tonight she sent me on break but my station still had dirty tables so I went back to help clean it up. She started screaming, "What are you afraid I am going to steal your tip".. I said "whoa, you have been telling me to make sure my station is spotless so I just wanted to help clean up". This woman has been riding my ass since day one but I have just dealt with it. Yankee slurs and many others. I kept ignoring them. At the end of my shift she said "You can just take off tomorrow and if Sybil needs you she will call you".. I have been in the business for 25 years. I know what that means. I said "Karen, are you basically telling me that I am fired".. She said, "pretty much". This girl has made every waitress cry. Except me. My one friend came out and said that she was dead wrong and felt very threatened by my age and experience. I constantly reassured this woman that I wasn't shooting for a head waitress job, just wanted to make a few dollars in my pocket and go home. After she basically let me go, I said ok, have a good night it was a pleasure working with you. I have an interview tomorrow at a steakhouse, which is way more my speed than a buffet. When you waitress at a buffet, you are a glorified bus girl/beverage girl. So wish me luck at my interview tomorrow. I have been sucking up all the bullshit for almost a month now, and I must admit I actually feel a sense of relief. I literally have been biting my tongue. Pam is on the phone now telling me to call the owner and explain my side of the story and let her know exactly what happened. I think I might do that, not ask for my job back, but just let her know that I felt attacked by her head waitress. So that is all for now. I am out of steam.

Jan 22, 2009

Working girl blues

Blisters swell on my heels
The bones in my back ache so loudly they are starting to play their own tune
The tip money swells in my apron
Enabling me to put decent food on the table for my family,
who I am not spending much time with these days
One man's SSI check just doesn't cut the mustard in these economic times
When my head hits the pillow at night, I am not the vamp I once used to be.
I am sound asleep in 15 minutes
I save the sex appeal for the early morning hours
The checking account is building
As is our peace of mind
The weariness is starting to become worthwhile
Endurance is building
Personal pride is growing
Maturity is teaching me that there will always be tradeoffs in this life of mine
One table, one plate at a time.

Jan 20, 2009

Passing the ball or the buck

Well, tonight we have a new president. I somehow feel that the Republicans have passed the ball to the Democrats knowing the game is losing at this point. Let's hope President Obama has the ability to have some game strategy. It seems to be the American way, pass the buck when the mess gets to huge. Multi-crisis's everywhere you look. I still don't understand who would even want the job of president of any country. I believe it takes a human with a rather healthy ego. My idea of change is to live a simple life. Not be wasteful, conserve my resources, stockpile medications, water, and yes, duct tape in case some disaster does befall our nation. I always keep a surplus of antibiotics in my home. I am not a paranoid person, just trying to make decisions for the well being of my family. I am sure the people of Gaza wish they would have enough medical supplies and water. Now they are reliant on humanitarian aid. I am at an age in my life where I know the main resource I have to rely on is myself and my family. I hope President Obama follows through with his promises. Especially the health care issue. My doctor was speaking with me last month and he said he thinks the healthcare will happen, in my lifetime. Imagine that? I will just sit back and wait. I can't get caught up in the hoopla of speeches. I am of the era that the proof is in the pudding, which is plentiful in my pantry. I prepare for hard times by stockpiling my pantry. I prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I keep all the people who read my ramblings in my prayers.

Jan 18, 2009

Elderly and useless

Yes, I am referring to my other half. I think he is resenting my full time job. We moved down here so he could enjoy his retired years in a peaceful place. Right now I am keeping this job so we can bank money. I only have one day off a week. His only hobbies are the dog and the tv. I try to encourage him to write. I have given up. I truly believe it is something you have a passion for or you don't. Rather simple. I have noticed that no matter what age you are you need to feel a sense of purpose, a reason to wake up. I am watching my aging my mother sitting on the couch, just like that woman in the depression commercial. She has been retired one month and is now falling apart with all these new aches and pains. SSI screwed her over royally. Her first check doesn't start til April. They had originally told her December. I can swing the bills on my own, but I do understand how she feels. Everyone wants their own money in their pocket to buy what they need without asking, She is without health care until they start her medicare. She is frustrated and feels helpless for the first time in her life. She has worked her whole life and had great healthcare. Now going to the doctor is a struggle. People who have never had to deal with governement agencies are in for such a rude awakening when they retire. Hours spent on the phone. Tons of paperwork. Keeping track of your money becomes a full time job. Maybe it is because I am still in my 40's I am thankful for the fact that I do have a job and a house that I can afford to live in. I have two freezers full of food. My bills are up to date. That is good enough for me. They should have some sort of class to prepare people before they retire on how to muddle through the redtape and paperwork. Kenny gets depressed and shuts down because that is his way of coping. My mother is a screamer when things don't go her way The government has a way of making you feel powerless, They keep telling her that her case is deferred. That is not a straight enough answer for her,It is heartbreaking to watch a woman who,up until December, worked 40 houre a week. She could manage her money. Those days are gone temporarily. Her spirit is broken and I am watching her sink deeper and deeper into our couch. Thank God she has us to carry her through this time. To see whow we treat our elderly in this wonderful country of our is heart-wrenching.