Jan 19, 2010

Jan 18, 2010

A new phrase

Throwing someone under the bus....I have heard that in the last 3 months more than I have ever heard in my life. I actually was unfamiliar with that phrase. It is used quite frequently at my work. "Did you hear that so and so threw this manager under the bus to the owner"..The sad part is the phrase seems to be applicable more and more. I don't like it. I try very hard to do the opposite. Maybe it is a sign of the times. Everyone trying so hard to climb up the ladder by throwing others under that bus. People are very vindictive in a work environment. I learned that it will always come back to haunt you. There was a time about ten years ago when I was working at this same restaurant. We were like one big happy family with the usual bickering but there was genuine love between many of us. If someone's kids were sick, we would pick up their shift to help. Someone was overwhelmed with tables, we all jumped in to help them. Fast forward to now, and the environment has totally changed. They actually had a meeting about it. The phrase "But for the grace of God goes I", is one I prefer. Someone called me this morning.. They didn't have any cigarettes. I am not one with extra money. I gave them $8 and four cigarettes. Who knows when I might need a pack? That mentality has always been with me. I live day to day, tip to tip, paycheck to paycheck. Throwing people under a bus just seems to not be a healthy way to live if you believe in Karma. I do. I have seen proof that you do reap what you sow. So please if you see me coming, don't throw me under that big vehicle, pull me out of the way..Have a great day!

Jan 17, 2010

Virtual World

I have a new addiction. Facebook and the applications that go with it. I now am concerned with my virtual farm and fishtank..as are many people that I meet. Sign of the times? Everyone I work with is busy posting on facebook. From their computers and fancy new phones. Myself included. My life is not that interesting, yet I update. People walk looking down now..Their Ipods in their ears and their fingers typing away on the the Blackberries. I wait on many people who bring their children in, yet they are actually alone, because little Johnny has his earbuds in and is playing Halo against people he hasn't actually met. The new society? My brother texts while he drives. I tell him he is nuts. My 63 year old mother won't leave the house without her cellphone. I tease her and ask her what did she do before cellphones. What I am trying to figure out now, is this a good thing? The one thing I have noticed, the next generation is lacking in something very important. Interpersonal skills. REAL communication. Eye to eye, over a cup of coffee, without electronic interference. Grabbing human hands and offering comfort. Pure, beautiful silence. Maybe that is why I like the early am. so much?