Jul 8, 2011

Small town working girl

The grind has begun again. I am now slinging hash at a restaurant in PA. It reminds me so much of the atmosphere in Georgia. (That is a good thing) Mostly regular clientele and nice family atmosphere. When you take a hiatus from work/people for quite awhile it almost is a surreal feeling to be back in society doing "normal" things. I couldn't write, didn't call most of my dear friends. I just wanted to be alone. I am finally getting myself settled in. I did learn during my period of introspection that city life simply isn't for me anymore. Too many predatory people. They hide behind smiles and beautiful clothes, cars etc, but the inside is ugly. The people that I get along with best are the "What you see is what I am" type. I am sure there are many great people living and thriving in our urban areas, but through my eyes I didn't see many since my return to Baltimore. I think my next item on the wish list is a fabulous camera. Just like life can be chronicled through the written word, so it can be done via a camera. Pictures don't lie. I have all the photos from Georgia saved on my flash drive. Anyhoo...time to get in the shower and put that working game face on and do my thing. Be safe and be blessed. Life might seem shitty, but just waking up everyday is a blessing. Peace!

Jul 3, 2011

Sunday Morning

I am sitting out here in my boxers and T-shirt. Not proper but so 'effing what! I write best in my boxers. The cup of am. coffee helps fuel me along. One of the best parts of the move is that I know have a relationship with my nephew, my sister in law's son. I finally get to be the cool auntie. It is pretty damn fun. He is my companion in sneeking out to the vinly/cd hippie store. He is a great kid. Well he is actually 20, nevermind, he is a kid. He is now facing adult pressures about getting a job, college and all that good shit. I guide him as best as I can, but my brother in law, Kenny's brother, is steady on his ass. Sucks to be him I tell him. This peace from within is feeling wonderful. I walked up Main Street yesterday and found another neat store. I purchased a book for $20. It is called Gilligans Island from 1966. I had to have it. That is the year I was born folks. The book is still covered in plastic. Antique stores and old book stores make my panties wetter than any man these days. I also got a Van Gough print of Starry Night. Got a nice wooden frame and it is now hanging on my wall. Not bad shopping yesterday. I thank God every morning that I am alive and have most of my health, mental and physical. I have a bad sciatic nerve on the right side that shoots down my leg. I suck it up, take minimal pain meds and am getting ready to go back to waitressing on Wednesday. I will probably feel like I am 90 when I arrive home the first night. So that is the news in my world as of today. Say a prayer for me and I shall for you as well. If that doesn't work take a xanax and a nap and maybe you will feel better when you awake. Peace out girl scouts!