Jan 28, 2012

Dabbing my eyes....

Well I ashamed to admit that I have been up all night long watching movies.  Just finished watching The Horse Whisperer for the first time.  Wonderful movie.  When I am laying in bed sobbing violently you know it's a great movie.  Robert Redford is so very talented, in front and behind the lens.

I haven't been writing much lately.  It comes in spurts (mind out of gutter please). Things have been going well or as best as I can expect.  I have been painting lately and that is  quite the stress remover.  I also can't smoke cigs when I paint so it's a two for one bonus. I found these HUGE fantasy books.  I use paint, pencils, and a certain type of crayon.  When I see the finished piece, just like writing something beautiful, the feeling is splendid.

I also realize I am still a work in progress.  I want to do more in my lifetime than just drift along and die.  Sounds trite, but I want to make a difference before the flesh becomes dust,. I am starting to keep notes on everything that appeals to me personally, for future reference.  Right now I am content to savor my hot am. coffee, the quite of the early morning.  The best part of the day. To quote a line from a song I have always liked...."Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there...Incubus.  That is simple and and a goal I know I can accomplish.  Peace, today and forever!