Apr 29, 2009

Define crazy

I would love for someone to define the word crazy. It is a term that is used quite frequently. Is the man who chooses to sell his million dollar home to travel the world on a motorcycle crazy? What about the heavily bearded guy with the sign that says "Will work for food"? Is he crazy? What about a table of educated individuals deciding to invade a country? Are they crazy? I have met many unique, diverse individuals in my life. I have visited the "nut ward" at the VA hospital. Those men are not crazy. Not that I am a wise sage who can judge sanity. Is there a rubber stamp labled CRAZY for those that choose to live differently? Some of the best conversations I have ever had were with people who might be a little off kilter, dance to the beat of their own drum, or simply dance to a beat that noone else will ever hear. I never thought they were crazy. Now, when I watch the morning news and see the sunny broadcaster yakking about murders and than switching the topic to state fairs and apple pie, that strikes me as more crazy than the man doing the thorazine shuffle. Maybe I am crazy?

Apr 28, 2009

Always a new pandemic

Gee, I think I have enough on my plate right now, and here comes the swine flu. I am still remembering the bird flu. I have decided with what little wisdom I have that if all these diseases and plagues the news is inundating me with come my way, so be it. Cancer has already hit, so nothing else will surprise me. I think the term is shellshock. I punch in on the timeclock and for those hours my happy face is on. I punch out and there goes the happy face right out the window,lol. I get paid to be nice and kind dammit. Does it ever occur to any of these great thinkers in the world that maybe we have simply overpopulated a planet, and the planet has had enough? We spread as fast as any damn virus. I have no empathy for the octo-mom, sorry. There are enough mouths that need to be fed. I can barely feed my family on my income, why should my tax money feed yours? I donate to the food bank etc. I carefully pick my charities. I just wonder when do the masses wake up and see the signs? I don't care if you believe in the bible, Buddha, or a damn tree. We are the greatest plague on the planet. Don't cry about the swine flu. I am sure when there are great rainfalls and floods those are the tears of the planet trying to wash away some of the virus known as mankind. We are the biggest pandemic, the human race.

Apr 27, 2009

Dressing in full armor, preparing for battle...

I know understand why Forrest Gump just started walking one day. The am walk with Auggie is what is keeping my spirits alive. I am starting to think he is more my therapy dog than just a pet. Plus, this dog values my job more than anyone in this house. This is due to the fact that I work in a steakhouse and my baby gets huge boxes of porterhouse and t-bones and lots of top choices steak scraps. He know turns his nose up at hotdogs. I don't blame him. I cut my work schedule down to 4 shifts per week instead of 6. So this is the beginning of my 3 day weekend. Today is the battle on the phone. Due to our zipcode they have switched VA facilities. I need to explain to these folks that radiation is supposed to begin this week, not on the 18th as the last letter I received. I am not accepting no for an answer. The caffeine is kicking in and I am ready to take on the federal government. Down here they are used to people just saying, "Yes ma'am, ok".. Not I said the fly. We are talking about something that is totally treatable with 100% recovery after 6 weeks radiation. They are not postponing shit. That is how I feel. I just keep imagining myself as the one who is sick with all the tubing and machinery. I would want someone to fight on my behalf. That is what I shall do. I will succeed.