Jul 27, 2012

Learning to trust

Jay and his bff are now staying with a couple that is good friends with me, right down the street.  This is a much better place than he was staying before.  I think the wife and I are going to be very good friends.  Do you ever just meet people that you click with instantly? That's how it is since I have met her.  The fact that they didn't hesitate about renting to the boys really touched me.  Tina is not stable enough to deal with anymore people.  She has her own issues with her son.  Deep down inside I believe that she really doesn't want him to be independent.  It has always been just the two of them.  Now that her husband has passed, he is all she has.  I am not a big fan of telling a young boy that he is now the man of the house, which is what she told him. All of our kids are trying to find their way in this world and they don't need any clinging moms to hinder them. 

Everytime I make a new female friend I always have trust issues.  Katie doesn't make me feel that way. I "get" her and she likewise understands me.  I have been so careful to whom I open my heart to since Kenny died.  Now I realize I do need friends in my life.  It's been so long since I have visited other people.  I tend to stay in my house because it makes me feel safe. Not any longer.  I am ready to start dipping my toes in new and uncharted waters.  I feel there are many new beginnings still out there.  I don't want to miss them. 

Time to run errands...Have a great weekend everybody.  Remember, thrive don't just survive!  Peace!