Jul 16, 2008

The belt saga continues

Just thought I would keep it light today. My young fellow came home from work yesterday.. Remember the belt? Well now he is blowing glass with the artist, and his complaint now is that the big shiny buckle is burning his belly. The ovens are very hot that are used to blow the glass. So he has a big bright red spot from his buckle... I should have such problems....God I love that child...He has actually shown some potential with his glass blowing. He is going to an art festival this weekend with the main artist that he is interning with. I thank God that he is doing positive things, I am blessed. I am tired of hearing about his belt problems tho....Have a great day all...

Jul 15, 2008

Jul 14, 2008

Civil Unrest

I am starting to hear the murmurings...they are still just whispers. Can't pay rent,can't pay utilities, can't afford medicine--how the hell am I going to live..hand to mouth isn't even working. How much longer do you think our society is going to withstand this recession before there is civil unrest. Looting, rioting in the streets...destroying gas stations...home invasions to get food....etc..I am starting to thank God I have a dog that protects my house. I am not yet ready to purchase a gun, but Kenny and I have talked about it. I am just sensing a vibe rippling across our nation that people are fed up. The common enemy is the government and the oil companies...There are some key elements already in place to set things off. I live on faith, daily...not everyone else does. I believe God will provide...others don't have that mentality, they are more of a take matters in there own hands. Change Change..yes , we need change, but where to start? How to implement? I wish I had faith in my government. I'll stick with God...I like to be on a winning team...lol

Jul 13, 2008


I was thinking about something a fellow blogger posted, man's innate need to conquer. I am a woman, and I can be a bit competitive, but I don't want to rule a nation or have a clan of followers call me "dear leader"...It must be the testosterone. I cannot fathom what it must feel to have that need course thru your veins. Nurturing is a peaceful and rewarding feeling. For most woman it comes natural. Yet there are those who do heinous things to their own children and society cringes. The wiring must have short-circuited. I have been married to two men, in my younger days slept with a few women. Totally different experiences. My first husband always felt the need to be MACHO...It was fucking irritating. Kenny, current husband, is a gentle giant. He has much more success dealing with me that way. The one chick I was with played a def dom role. Treated me fantastic. Taught me to love myself again. Women have a healing effect. Men trample through a forest. We dance on the grass. Men flex and grunt. We stretch and moan. Men want to own. We want to enjoy. The female gender is the slickest of all. Ask any man...Yes we let you think we submit, but not really. We are blessed with ultimate power. A vagina...Have a wonderful day....