Jan 5, 2013

I found a place to call home

Whew, what a load off my mind. In small towns like this one it's rather easy if people know you and you haven't sullied your name. I actually went to a friends house and we poured some drinks and made a toast to new beginnings and a fresh start. Life can be as sweet as it is sour at times. My current landlord just got out of detox and seems to have a good mindset. Now she has the big fight. Getting her child back. Seems when you have too many domestic calls to your home and there is a young child involved, Child Protective Services gets involved. They came one day and chatted. The next thing we know they came the next day and removed the child from the home and placed her with her maternal grandparents. Now she is in foster care. The court hearings start this week. The gloves are off. Father against daughter and son-in-law. The dirty laundry will be aired. I lived this in my twenties and to see it replayed again is horrific. The only problem I have with moving is that Rocco is going to have to stay with J. Every single place I looked at would ask the breed of my dog and once they saw Rottweiler they said no. Rocco has spent the weekend with J and is comfortable there and I can go see him whenever I want. Yes, I am weird. I have been talking sweet nothings to my dog and reassuring him that all is well. J is the one who brought him up here 5 months ago and he loves the dog too. So I have tried to make the best of the situation and think that I have done a good job. I am a fixer of problems but have grown weary. I am making plans to take some college courses and that is very exciting. This is the year that I am going to take life and expand every horizon. Why not? We only go round this globe once...so I don't want to waste the trip. Peace!

Jan 1, 2013

What parents do for their children

A parents love knows no bounds. I thought this was an amazing idea.

Woke up this morning....

2013. I am still dumbfounded another year has come and gone as quickly as it did. So many changes have taken place. Some people that I love have put forth an effort to make positive changes in their life, others are never going to change. Joe and I spent New Year's Eve together. I made a nice dinner/dessert/wine. I know he lives off McDoubles when he is not with me. We were asleep by 12:20am. My phone buzzing with the usual Happy N.Y texts. The house is currently empty except for my dog and I, and this weekend Joe. I have so much to be thankful for, even though I don't feel that way at times. Rocco is snoring at my feet. This early am. time is mine. No one can take this from me. Even when my kids were little I still had to have at least one hour of alone quiet time. Regroup, refresh etc. Get ready to face the day. These days I am happy just to make it through a day without any catastrophe's. In 46 years I have learned that slow and steady wins the race, at least in my world. I make a point of not operating on my emotions. Always gets me into some kind of trouble. I occasionally miss that feeling of invincibility that carried me in my youth. Now I take vitamins and supplements and actually pay my bills. Yes, I have to move soon. I am maintain a positive attitude, even though I despise moving. The main problem is that no one seems to want pets. Hopefully I will find a place in the next two weeks, while Rocco hasn't grown into his true adult horse size. May this year bring all of us joy and peace and uh, prosperity? The first two seem to be a sure thing. The prosperity part is more of wishful thinking on my part. Happy New Year....Peace

Dec 30, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it...

Hope all had happy holidays. I personally can't wait for January 2 to arrive so all the freaking hoopla is over and life as we know it returns to a form of normalcy. Things are peaceful right now and I am loving it. Looking for a new place to live is always a drag, but it has to be done. I do know I like the community that I currently reside in so I won't be straying far. K checked herself into detox and than rehab. I am so proud of her. She is regaining the support of her family which she has missed like crazy. Like anything in life you just have to be ready. She is currently in black-out phase, so I haven't spoke with her yet. Last on my mind this morning? The world did not end as expected. I don't think that we will know the precise date when the planet says ENOUGH. Even my late husband believed this was the year. So many folks were wrong. I personally am glad that life is continuing. There are still many things on my bucket list, shit, my life list. It's never been easy, this crazy journey. That's ok. I like a challenge. Sitting here typing with my dog taking care of warming my feet, I know I am blessed. We are all blessed. Many people don't realize their blessings. As I always say, it's the little things. I don't know what twist or turn the life journey has in store for me now, but I shall ride it out and things are going to be ok. Peace!