Oct 7, 2008


I am catching myself referring to people that I have been corresponding with online as my friends. I sat back and actually thought about that word. There are a few, not many, people that are in my life that I would call a friend. However, my internet friends, actually know as much about me as my real-life folks. Maybe more. There is something to be said for dishing with a complete stranger. I can sit here and type in my husband's boxers and t-shirt, drink my coffee and not worry if my hair looks okay as we correspond. I remember a specific act of kindness from an internet bud that touched me. I asked, and with no hesitation, I received help. If I am honest, this individual was quicker to respond than some friends who live one block away. There is alot to be said for intellectual friendship. I like picking others brains. That is how I learn. There are certain people I have met face to face, and due to hours of chatting, we didn't have any awkward lapses in conversation. We just picked up as comfortably as if we were at our keyboards. What does that hold for our future? Webcams and wireless is everywhere. What about the socially awkward? Freedom abounds online for the shy. This blog is my journal, I suppose. Bared soul for the world to see. I don't think I mind...

Oct 5, 2008


My husband loves Court TV. He followed the OJ trial. I must admit, I was quite surprised that they found him guilty on ALL counts. I think the recordings sealed his fate. The gentleman who was the arranger of the whole thing, and was offered immunity, complete immunity, I personally think set him up for personal gain. OJ was guilty of the way he handled retrieving his property. The past seems to be haunting him here. The bottom line is he was found criminally not guilty 13 years ago. The majority of the public didn't agree with that verdict. He was found civilly guilty. I don't think I could have sat on that jury and been impartial. Sorry. In my humble opinion he didn't stand a chance. I am sure his legal team is going to appeal this. Now we shall see what his sentencing is. The point is really moot. OJ is 61 years old. He doesn't have to receive life to actually finish out his life in prison.