Oct 21, 2011

Aging and ramblings

I have been contemplating lately about what it is going to be like to be an "elderly" person. Will I be one of those nasty, cranky old biddies, or will I be the smiling, content type? I hope for the latter. I am sitting here wearing pink snowman pajama bottoms and a pink thermal top. Such a fashionista. Screw it, I am comfortable. The one positive I have noticed about getting older is being comfortable in your own skin. That is the one thing I have finally achieved. It feels great. I spent so many years behind a facade. I hid behind my addictions and mental health issues. No more. That whole scene grew old. Like me, I guess. I will be 45 in December. I wake up not dreading the day. I realized how important it is not to play with your medications. You start feeling better so you stop taking them. Not! I am finally on the appropriate cocktail that works. I am a functional, employed adult. I am able to send my son some money from time to time because I am making the right choices. I am who I am and I finally figured out, that I like who I am. I just wish I would have realized this about 20 years ago..Peace!

Oct 18, 2011

Guess who is off today?

Yup, me. Whew. The weekends are so damn busy but I love it. The time flies and the pockets are full. Monday nights are the end of my work week, and they are pretty slow. I am usually beat by than so that is ok by me. The younger people I work with amaze me. They go to college and most work two jobs. Their parents can't afford to put them through school. My one fellow waiter is pre-med. One is going into sports-broadcasting and another is going to teach high-school. Maybe it is the difference in environments. This little town is sooooo very different from Baltimore or other large cities. The parents are very involved in everything their children do. It makes a huge difference. Baltimore just like Pa has it's urban areas. Our's is Philly. But that is three hours away. I believe in Baltimore you can be in any part of town within 15 minutes. Dallastown in insulated as well as it can be from most of the poison that fills our inner cities. No bars protecting shopkeepers from the patrons. Nature vs. nurture? I believe in both. However I do think that the environment a child is raised in makes a huge difference in values and their own personal life perseptions. Most kids just want to feel loved and safe. Same for us adults. Peace.