Oct 21, 2011

Aging and ramblings

I have been contemplating lately about what it is going to be like to be an "elderly" person. Will I be one of those nasty, cranky old biddies, or will I be the smiling, content type? I hope for the latter. I am sitting here wearing pink snowman pajama bottoms and a pink thermal top. Such a fashionista. Screw it, I am comfortable. The one positive I have noticed about getting older is being comfortable in your own skin. That is the one thing I have finally achieved. It feels great. I spent so many years behind a facade. I hid behind my addictions and mental health issues. No more. That whole scene grew old. Like me, I guess. I will be 45 in December. I wake up not dreading the day. I realized how important it is not to play with your medications. You start feeling better so you stop taking them. Not! I am finally on the appropriate cocktail that works. I am a functional, employed adult. I am able to send my son some money from time to time because I am making the right choices. I am who I am and I finally figured out, that I like who I am. I just wish I would have realized this about 20 years ago..Peace!


Lou said...

Yup, Andrew is 20 years behind you, and he is working on those issues. I hope he gets comfortable in his skin.

I want to be an eccentric old lady! Maybe I'll have 100 cats...LOL

Lori said...

Lou- You don't strike me as a "cat lady". I see you more as the activist type. I do believe that being eccentric is no longer a bad thing. Who knows? You have alot of wisdom and life experience. You would be perfect to maybe create a treatment center? Just a thought. I would come work for you, lol. You have to believe in the cause that you are active in. I know you truly believe. xoxo