May 23, 2008

थे Departed

What a great movie. Yup, I am a die-hard Nicholson fan. I think he is fabulous. Incredibly talented and he is also a sexymotherfuc&*er!!! He has that "certain something"..Some people just have that charisma that other's find so very appealing. Mick Jagger has it. Steven Tyler has it. Sidenote-Steven Tyler is now 60 and just entered rehab. Do the demons ever really go away? I think not. I think we just get better at handling them the older we get. We start valuing sanity over the insanity. Anyhow, if you haven't watched The Departed yet, please do. I believe you will enjoy it...

May 20, 2008

Rainy Days

I love the early rainy mornings like today. The sky is overcast and gray, the streets are rather quiet. Today is also my day off. The weather suits my mood. Feeling rather forlorn. Liking the fact that I can feel..Every nuance, the smell of the wet grass, the slick, shiny streets. Today feels like a perfect pajama day. I will enjoy this immensely.