May 21, 2012

Hotels and motels....

This is the motel that Joe and I sometimes go to when he is too tired to drive back to my house after dinner.  The outside has that pretty pagoda stocked with fish.  Once you turn the key you get a room with two beds and the universal motel bedspread. Note all the take-out menus on the table. 

There was a period of time where I literally lived in a hotel for about 6 months.  The guy I was dating was restless and didn't want to stay put for very long so I have seen this bedspread before, lol.  Later found out that he didn't want to put down roots because he was known to the police in the area as a drug dealer (true). 

It has been going on quite a few years now since I have lived that life.  My bedspread puts that one to shame and when I buy something now, I know I will still have it for years to come.  My bedroom is my sanctuary.  I have my hand-made hanging bird cage that I love. My Ramone's poster.  My Marilyn Monroe pics.  I feel a sense of permanency that I haven't felt in years.

You should feel special, as I don't let just anyone in my bedroom, lol. I do my morning walk with the dog and than we both come in; she lays back down and I write.  It's the most wonderful time of the day.   Peace!!!!!