Jun 16, 2012

I raise my mug of coffee in the air to everyone...

Just got back from walking Harley, who is also my bed-mate.  She is an amazing dog.  Than I went out to my garden and tended to that.  It is coming along nicely. My neighbor brought over a wheel-barrow full of rocks and I started spray painting them white.  I always love the walk and the gardening early am. time. The dog, birds just awoke and my flowers.
Now, around 9:30pm my son and housemate showed up with MY CAR!!!  He put his own little sweat and labor in to fix all needed repairs. It's a Honda Accord...Let me show you...So sweeeet. I go
Monday to get my driver's license.  It took alot of saving to pay off all my fines, but this is a huge goal that I accomplished.   The sense of pride that I felt last night was incredible.  I have learned to stop procrastinating and take care of my responsibilities.  I am finally acting and behaving like an adult. (Most of the time, anyhow)  When you see tangible rewards for your efforts that is what makes it worthwhile.  I am seeing a difference in my kids, especially J.  He knows in his heart that I am living right and I have gradually earned his respect back,  Respect is priceless.  So all of you out there the greatest moments are free...Peace!

Jun 11, 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles....

Well, my red pick-up, (that I paid $500) for went up.  It failed emissions and inspection and I wasn't going to invest $1700 for the repairs.  Guess who came to the rescue?  My baby boy...Who works at a Honda dealership.  He found me a decent Honda w/sunroof and all cool amenities for $2700! I will have it parked out front by Friday.  He is putting a new radiator in for me and than it's mine. 

Jay and his bff Reuben came up to say hi, and he gave me a set of keys to the car.  The boys wound up spending the night at this girls home down the street who Jay gave a puppy too.  Joe spent the night at my house and we all met up for breakfast at a local diner.  Jay ( he hasn't gone by his given name of Jesse in eons) profusely thanked Joe and MY SON offered to pay for breakfast..I almost choked on my coffee. Joe declined his offer, but it was one of those moments where I saw two people that I love laughing and getting along.  You know all of us moms' live for these moments.

When the world seems to be crumbling around me it is those type of moments that keep me sane.  I have been talking with my older son about once a week, we just have a different type of relationship. I am learning to take things at face value and make the most of whatever is happening around me.  My new "thing" is trying to give off positive energy and it seems to be working.  When I think about the person I was in my 20's and who I am today I am thankful and grateful.  There are so many of you that I read and have been catching up on.  I feel like we are all on similar journeys, just at different places.  The end goal seems to be finding contentment and peace.  That is a very possible goal to attain.  Peace!