Jun 16, 2012

I raise my mug of coffee in the air to everyone...

Just got back from walking Harley, who is also my bed-mate.  She is an amazing dog.  Than I went out to my garden and tended to that.  It is coming along nicely. My neighbor brought over a wheel-barrow full of rocks and I started spray painting them white.  I always love the walk and the gardening early am. time. The dog, birds just awoke and my flowers.
Now, around 9:30pm my son and housemate showed up with MY CAR!!!  He put his own little sweat and labor in to fix all needed repairs. It's a Honda Accord...Let me show you...So sweeeet. I go
Monday to get my driver's license.  It took alot of saving to pay off all my fines, but this is a huge goal that I accomplished.   The sense of pride that I felt last night was incredible.  I have learned to stop procrastinating and take care of my responsibilities.  I am finally acting and behaving like an adult. (Most of the time, anyhow)  When you see tangible rewards for your efforts that is what makes it worthwhile.  I am seeing a difference in my kids, especially J.  He knows in his heart that I am living right and I have gradually earned his respect back,  Respect is priceless.  So all of you out there the greatest moments are free...Peace!


bugerlugs63 said...

I love this post Lori. I too am gradually reaping rewards of responsible living . . . gradually!
And it's good to hear your Son knows it and respects you for it . . . I'll look forward to getting that far one day.
Enjoy your new license and car, you're officially grown up ;-)

Annette said...

Wow, to be able to drive again and all fines are paid off. That means you can drive and no worries if a cop is behind you! lol A clear conscience driver. I am so happy for you. You have your freedom back to come and go as you please....like a real "grown up."

luluberoo said...

This post really resonates with me. You know Andrew hasn't had a license in 14 years. He has been paying against his fines regularly for 2 years now, but he still owes so much.
Some of it is fines on the fines he didn't pay! You know how that goes.

So, I understand what a huge accomplishment this is, and how wonderful you feel. A car is freedom!

Much love Lori, it's been awesome to read your changes over the years

Lori said...

bugerlugs63- It has taken quite awhile to get to this point. Cleaning up the messes from the past seems and feels like it takes forever. Don't ever give up. I go today to get my license; bringing all my receipts. I don't feel all grown up yet, lol.

Annette- Just as I replied to bugerlugs63, the messes we made when we were using, my fines are from 1994!!! I had gotten 6 tickets for driving a car with stolen tags. My late husband didn't have the money to go to DMV to get tags because that would have meant less dope, so he "borrowed" someone's tags. I think back to how insane I was in my twenties and early thirties. It feels great to move forward.

luluberoo- I actually thought about you when I was writing this. For people like Andrew and I it takes so long to clean up our messes. Right now I'm dealing with insurance and tag and title fees etc. They def don't make it easy with red tape and whatnot. Today is DMV day to try to get my license. Now that the fines are paid my license is considered expired not suspended. Wish me luck..love you lulu!