Jan 10, 2009

The Prodgial Son is on his way to me!

Jesse is on his way to Georgia as I am typing this. The novelty of being a man on his own has finally worn off, Thank God. Whatever he was going through, something happened to make him change his mind. He is enroute now and shall arrive here around noon tomorrow. This mother will go to sleep with peace of mind. He has just learned a valuable life lesson. The one we all find out eventually. When all the roads come to an end, the only people you can rely on is your family. My son though he had all these "friends". He was mistaken. He had buddies. my brother in law and his wife left to bring him down here. By noon on Saturday Baggy Pants and I shall be face to face again, in one house. That umbilical cord is one powerful thing.

Jan 6, 2009

Leavin' on a jet plane

I have not flown since I was 15. Many moons have passed and not I have to fly to Baltimore in the am to deal with Baggy Pants. I do believe I am having pre-flight anxiety. When I was a child we used to fly from Baltimore to California every summer. The memories are pleasant. Now the list of rules and regualtions are rather intimidating. I have always considered myself a rather fearless, ballsy chick. It must be age. The balls have shrunk quite a bit, bordering on shriveling. I was the first one to flip the bird. Now I just shine people on, finding the aggravation not worth the strength. I value peace of mind. The commercial of the person stuck on the flight between the two rather loud rowdy crazy guys keeps flashing in my brain. What happens to that spunk as every decade comes? 10 years ago I would have dug flying with crazy people and joined in. Now I want to just read my book and be left alone. Now I am dealing with an 18 year old who has my old gusto and is challenging me to let him be a man and stay in Baltimore. He is not equipped. J thinks he can make it. Baltimore is brutal. He said I am living in hillbilly land. He is right, but I can afford to pay the bills. Baggy Pants is now broke and needs mommy and some money. I am torn. Do I let him fall so he can learn to stand stronger, or do I bail him? Whoever said parenthood is rewarding left a few parts out...BTW, that is a direct quote from my father. It is in our DNA...Wish this 42 year old woman a safe flight please. Anyone wishing to impart parenting wisdom is welcome...I have run out.

Jan 4, 2009

Collateral Damage

I watch the news. I prefer Reuters or BBC as I think it is more objective. My friends, it is now ON in the Middle East. Israel is not playing games. To use blunt verbiage, you can only fuck with people for so long. I am not preaching end times rap or doomsday rants this morning, but this is real and it is happening. Must be brief as I have to get my southern waitress uniform on and get ready to say "How Ya'll Doing Folks, Come On In". They hired me for two days a week. I worked one shift yesterday, I now have 6 nights a week. So to toot my own horn, this yankee waitress rocks. Have a blessed Sunday folks. I will hit everyone's blogs tonight when I get some free time.