Oct 4, 2008

Georgia Bound

Well there has been a new and interesting twist in our life. I picked up a little side job and the woman I work for has a house for rent in Georgia...CHEAP!!! We are meeting her for breakfast tomorrow am. to pick up the keys. I have already seen pics of the place and it is gorgeous, and might I add it sits on a lake. A freaking lake..How sweet is that? The rent is a whopping "ahem" $450.00 a month!!! Her mortgage is only $400 so she is just tacking on the $50. We are driving down next weekend to see it for our own eyes. If the place matches the pictures, guess what? We are moving to Georgia.. Jesup, Georgia to be exact. The master bedroom has a deck that overlooks the lake.. I am excited beyond words. The more rural, for us, the better. I have been researching the little town and I think it will be well suited for us. I am already having visions of drinking coffee in the early morning staring at MY lake. So all fingers and toes are crossed. My mind is now fully occupied. The upcoming election is boggling. So much bullshit. Too much for my taste. Bailouts and blah blah..Congrats for the CEO fucks...

Oct 2, 2008

I got sunshine

Decided I need to exercise... So I joined Kenny on his morning walk, and I feel fantastic now. Been rather sedentary as of late..Not good. So now my new morning ritual includes an hour walk. I have made a conscious decision to start taking care of my health.. Doesn't matter how healthy the mind is if the body is falling apart. I do believe their is some truth to the endorphin theory. Now if I could just quit the damn cigarettes!!! Have a great day people...To quote a good friend of mine...NO FEAR!!! (That is becoming my daily mantra)


Sep 30, 2008

Free Speech?????? What do you think?

SD court asked whether profanity is disorderly

Attorney Richard Fite argues before the South Dakota Supreme Court Monday, S...
9 hours ago
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BROOKINGS, S.D. — The South Dakota Supreme Court on Monday heard arguments over whether yelling profanities at a passing police officer is protected speech under the U.S. Constitution.

Attorneys for Marcus Suhn argued the First and 14th Amendments protected him and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct conviction should be overturned. He appealed to the high court after being convicted for a Sept. 2, 2007, exchange with Police Officer David Gibson.

The Constitution gives Americans to express ideas and opinions freely, Suhn's attorney, Robert Fite said. "That right also gives us the right to criticize our government and its agencies without fear of retribution."

But Assistant Attorney General Ann Meyer countered that a lower court judge was right in concluding Suhn's exclamations fell under the "fighting words" exception of the First Amendment.

Meyer also said the disorderly conduct charge was appropriate because Suhn uttered the profanities among a crowd of bar patrons, which created a risk, Meyer said.

"You've got 100 people coming out of the bars who presumably have been drinking," Meyer said.

Suhn, 23, and dozens of other patrons were gathered on the sidewalk in downtown Brookings, home of South Dakota State University and its nearly 12,000 students.

Gibson was on patrol when he saw and heard Suhn let out a string of obscenities that included several derogatory references to police officers.

Fite described the statement as 16 words amounting to profane criticism toward police. The lawyer, acknowledging the decorum of the court, told justices he would not expound unless they wanted him to read the entire quote.

Gibson confronted Suhn, but he was ignored until Gibson grabbed Suhn's arm and arrested him for disorderly conduct for the vulgar diatribe.

Fite argued it was only Suhn's words that prompted the arrest because Suhn had no direct confrontation with the officer, so the fighting words argument doesn't apply.

"I don't think there's any way Suhn can be convicted for speech only," Fite said.

Some justices asked the prosecutor whether there would be more arrests for language that has become common.

"Those particular words during my era, you would get your mouth washed out with soap. Now you hear them on television," said Justice Judith Meierhenry.

But Meyer argued that it was also the context, not only the words, that violated the law and created the risk.

"He just let it fly with his profanity towards police officers and the public and everybody's caught up in it and that's unreasonable noise," she said.

Suhn had been sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $150, plus court fees. His jail sentence was suspended before he served any jail time.

The high court is meeting this week at South Dakota State University. It's ruling in Suhn's case is expected in several months.


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Sep 28, 2008


Mao Tse Tung said
Change must come
Change must come thru the barrel of a gun- I guess it's all relative...I hope I am not alive if and when a civil uprising happens. Keep fucking with the taxpayers...greedy corporations...nothing is trickling down this a'way brother!!! I don't personally think J.P.Morgan gives a flying fig if someone's mother is losing their home due to predatory lending. We are no longer the moral code that the rest of the globe looks to. This is a very sad state of affairs..Complacency has sunk in with many of us milk and honey raised folk. How many spoonfuls of bullshit must people be fed before they gag and vomit? Change must come, but the mess is so huge and unfathomable. CEO's need their heads, along with their nice pension packages, to fucking roll. This shit is unacceptable. Instead of filling our prisons up with the addicted and weak...start throwing some of the Wall Street Wolves in there. Let them drop the soap every night and yell,"Please, at least use lube"....Where are the consequences folks? Maybe I should open a little business and live way beyond my means and just say, shit, and file bankruptcy.. Wipe the prozac from you sleepy eyes people...listen to what is going on...ah, this is turning into a rant..I am just very disheartened and disgusted...

I love my boy!!

There are moments that you have as a parent that make all the other bullshit seem rather insignificant. It's when they do right. This morning my phone is ringing. It's a gentleman J works with to call to tell him to get ready for church!!!! He had worked till midnight washing dishes. My child is not a rosy, perky, morning dude. Yet, up he got and off to church he went. Well when he came home he had "that glow", the one you get when the service rocks. I let him be, didn't bug him. But damn was I proud. Than, my husband's birthday is tomorrow. Kenny turns 51. This man is not his biological father, he has raised him since he was 4 months old. Took care of him when I went off on the drugs years ago, and has been his rock from day one. We are having a family get together tomorrow in PA with his brother and his wife and kid. Jesse saved up his money and really went waaaayyy above and beyond in his gift purchasing. He snuck out and bought it, on his own. I said, "J, that was so nice"..He just looked at me like I am clueless ( he does that alot), and said "That's my dad, he deserves it"..Those are the moments you know as a mother, that even if you had numerous faults, something got thru. My father, who J adored was a very generous man. So I could see my dad's influence. I am so happy within tonight. All is right in my little families world. I wasn't a perfect mom, I am me, but my son is becoming a decent man, all on his own. My dad always said that parenting was the most thank-less job on the planet..and than he would laugh..I beg to differ..it might feel that way at times...but the times that they do what's right, at the perfect time..that is more than thanks..it's a blessing...

Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful!!!