Nov 7, 2009

RE- previous post

Just wanted to say that I did not read the whole article and a friend informed me, someone who is more knowledgeable than I politically, that this was outdated and not correct. So I now feel like a dumbass. The posting part of what I wrote I believe in. I just want people to be able to afford to live, especially our elderly. The person who forwarded me the link always forwards me alot of similar news items. I will inform her she is sending outdated information. I get alot of emails from people who live in Georgia. In rural poverty. Many are very racist and want someone to blame for their own lot in life. That is why I moved back to Baltimore. I needed to among the diversity and sanity that I am used to. In this city, yeah we blame, but we get off our ass and work 1-3 jobs, whatever it takes. That is the biggest difference I notice from the little rural town I left. There were numerous unemployed men in that town. They would talk politics and blame the "niggers, spic, and towelheads", over their tenth beer. It never occurred to them that maybe the fact that they dropped out of school in the 5th grade might have something to do with their lot in life. It is always easier to blame than to take personal responsibility. If I would have made better choices in my youth, my life would be much different now. My mother mismanaged her money her whole life. So now she is reaping what she has sown. Sometimes when another is brutally honest with you, it makes you take a look in the mirror.

Watch this video please.

Please watch this link. I am not a fan of this idea. There are enough of us without health care etc. Now they want to grant illegals visas immediately which will entitle them to all the benefits that those of us who have worked so hard to attain. Yes, I know we are a melting pot, but right now our pot is overflowing and we can't take care of our own. My mother is 66 and can't afford her rent on her SSI and pension. She is choosing between back surgery or going back to work part time to be able to afford simple things in life. I watch our seniors not able to afford their medications or sell them so they can pay their rent. When I went to the pharmacy last month I watched 2 older men leave a known pain clinic and at the pharmacy they had some people waiting for them and I saw the exchange of cash and pills in the parking lot. I don't think anyone in their 60's wants to sell their medication, but when they can't live I think they are forced into poor decision making. I am part Irish, Italian, Scottish, the whole mix. I am adopted so I only know of my own ancestors from a piece of paper. I love this country of ours. How can we take in thousands upon thousands more? Aren't there other countries that will accept these immigrants? I am not the most politically aware human on the planet. But I do know math. Numbers don't lie. They are always constant and correct. The math is already in the negative and adding more to the quotient will in no way help. I simply disagree. Again please watch this video.

Nov 6, 2009

Doing what you love for a living

Feels good to be back to waitressing full time. Yes, I am an aspiring writer. When the time comes, hopefully I will get a manuscript together and publish it. My aunt is the editor and has her own column for the La Times. She writes the travel column. She said whenever I am ready to send her my manuscript and she will proof and edit it. I am scared to actually show someone my personal writings. It is basically a life story. I really think if one person reads what I have written it might make a change in their life. I think on my days off I am going to devote at least two hours a day to writing "the novel". Stop goofing off on facebook etc. I have a story, just like a million others. I just want to share it. See it bound. That is my dream. To be a recognized published author. Alas, until that time comes I am just going to continue being an excellent waitress. I was raised that no matter what you do, you must do it well. Lots of hours until Monday. That is my next day off. Be well and to those of you that Friday means something, TGIF. To me Friday means a money shift. Be blessed, and be happy.

Nov 5, 2009

Dogs day afternoon

My dog got out yesterday. He had gotten used to Georgia in the am running around the lake, free, no leash, swimming etc. Now he is back in back yard and one house over are four pit bulls, two of which are females in heat. Auggie busted out of the gate and disappeared for two hours. I love this dog. Guess who brought him home? Yup, the man who owns the dogs in heat. He ran around for awhile and hung out with him for two hours. I am going to have to get a bungee cord for the back fence. He is powerful and pushed the damn thing open. The call of the wild. The female dog jumped two fences to get to Auggie. It was a dog day afternoon. My landlord calls my dog a horse, but he likes him. He just was surprised that such a big dog can be so gentle and loving. (I think he is still intimidated, lol.) We are starting to create boundaries and he knows that we are friends, but that is it. He does give me good money saving tips. Thanks to the man who brought my dog home. Auggie now has a little dent on the side of his head, but seems to show no sign of damage. Don't know where it came from, but just like a person he now has signs of character in his cute little mug. This is a rescue dog who is now going on three. He is truly my best friend. My back gate it now secure. I might have to get him fixed. He found those females in two seconds flat. Those dogs might as well have had short skirts and glass heels on to entice my dog. Oh well, at least he knew right where to go. Go figure, my dog, a ladies man? Peace...

Nov 4, 2009


My Own Twilight

I try to imagine falling in love again, and if I ever will. I am a sucker for love stories and happy endings. I wonder, do they still exist? That unconditional forever love. Right now I must admit I am enjoying my solitude, but I do get lonely, but I am very wary of who I choose for close friends. For now I shall snuggle and get my comforot from my dog at night as he is my regular bedpartner. He is loyal. He switches back and forth between Jesse and I. I just wonder if I ever will fall in love again and what it will feel like. Or shall I be an old grumpy spinster? Ugh that sounds like a scary fairy tale. I just realize I am getting lonely, not all the time, but enough to make me wonder what is out there. Right now I am too scared to go "out there"....

Nov 1, 2009

Courtesy of Post Secret...I wish everyone realized this...

Busy Bee

Been lax about blogging as I am working my tushy off. Literally. Won't be off til Tuesday. This man kept his word and gave me plenty of hours. I am not complaining in the least. Second chances are the best. I feel like I am truly home again, work wise. Now I am looking for a new place for me and Jesse. My landlord is trying to throw sex in the deal and once he realized that is not on my agenda, he raised my rent two hundred dollars due to the fact that Jesse is here. My rent was supposed to be $600 a month, plus 20 extra for the internet. I told him from Georgia that Jesse was coming with me, he had to get three credits at his high school, and than he would be off to college. Well he said after thirty days, the rent was going up to $800. He said he thought Jesse was only going to be here for 30 days. He can't understand why I don't show any interest. He told me he is worth a quarter of a million dollars, he buys a brand new red mustang with cash every three years. That means absolute shit to me. He goes tanning daily. He said I should join the gym and go tanning also. That is really not on my agenda. I am trying to pay my rent. Now that he has figured out that we will not be hanging out, his attitude has totally changed. Thankfully my brother in law Rick is up here. Rick is like my own brother and told me not to tolerate this bullshit and get the fuck out of here as soon as possible. They just arrived from Georgia yesterday. All their stuff is in storage, and they are staying at an efficiency until they find a house to rent. At least not I have some "male muscle" on my side. Gotta go, time to get ready for work. I will hit everyone's blogs tomorrow or the next day. Peace to all...