Nov 7, 2009

RE- previous post

Just wanted to say that I did not read the whole article and a friend informed me, someone who is more knowledgeable than I politically, that this was outdated and not correct. So I now feel like a dumbass. The posting part of what I wrote I believe in. I just want people to be able to afford to live, especially our elderly. The person who forwarded me the link always forwards me alot of similar news items. I will inform her she is sending outdated information. I get alot of emails from people who live in Georgia. In rural poverty. Many are very racist and want someone to blame for their own lot in life. That is why I moved back to Baltimore. I needed to among the diversity and sanity that I am used to. In this city, yeah we blame, but we get off our ass and work 1-3 jobs, whatever it takes. That is the biggest difference I notice from the little rural town I left. There were numerous unemployed men in that town. They would talk politics and blame the "niggers, spic, and towelheads", over their tenth beer. It never occurred to them that maybe the fact that they dropped out of school in the 5th grade might have something to do with their lot in life. It is always easier to blame than to take personal responsibility. If I would have made better choices in my youth, my life would be much different now. My mother mismanaged her money her whole life. So now she is reaping what she has sown. Sometimes when another is brutally honest with you, it makes you take a look in the mirror.


Anonymous said...
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butterflies said...

They say that a country is judged by the way they treat their elders..

Lori said...

Butterflies- I have never heard that before, but that makes so much sense.