Nov 7, 2009

Watch this video please.

Please watch this link. I am not a fan of this idea. There are enough of us without health care etc. Now they want to grant illegals visas immediately which will entitle them to all the benefits that those of us who have worked so hard to attain. Yes, I know we are a melting pot, but right now our pot is overflowing and we can't take care of our own. My mother is 66 and can't afford her rent on her SSI and pension. She is choosing between back surgery or going back to work part time to be able to afford simple things in life. I watch our seniors not able to afford their medications or sell them so they can pay their rent. When I went to the pharmacy last month I watched 2 older men leave a known pain clinic and at the pharmacy they had some people waiting for them and I saw the exchange of cash and pills in the parking lot. I don't think anyone in their 60's wants to sell their medication, but when they can't live I think they are forced into poor decision making. I am part Irish, Italian, Scottish, the whole mix. I am adopted so I only know of my own ancestors from a piece of paper. I love this country of ours. How can we take in thousands upon thousands more? Aren't there other countries that will accept these immigrants? I am not the most politically aware human on the planet. But I do know math. Numbers don't lie. They are always constant and correct. The math is already in the negative and adding more to the quotient will in no way help. I simply disagree. Again please watch this video.

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