Jun 12, 2010

An aging parent

Mom is recovering from major back surgery. She thought the hospital was going to let her stay there until she felt better. HA...Her insurance ran out, bam, they wheeled her out. She was devastated. What happens to people in that situation who have no family? She can't drive. She does seem to enjoy being waited on a little too much. I will fix that in a hurry. The brother isn't as sympathetic. He is like "Mom, walk dammit"..She asked if she could get a bell. ?????? NOT HAPPENING. I found that if I use my "waitress voice" and pretend she is a customer that is a decent tipper it makes this alot easier. I am trying to be humble because one day I might be the aging parent. Be nice to your kids folks,lol....you never know when the script will flip. Peace!

Jun 11, 2010

I'm Back~

Well my experiment is over. I really need my medicine. Plain and simple. I had no desire to write, read, nothing. I think this little sabbatical did me a world of good. It's been one year, June 1, since my husband died. How I am still standing I don't know, but I am. God simply isn't ready for me yet. Baggy Pants needs to finish French and the diploma is his. Small victories, I'll take 'em. My mother just came home to recoup from a major back surgery so I am playing nurse yet once again, but the end result will be a more mobile and happier mother. We move back to the family "estate" lol, August 1. No more slumlord. I must toot my horn. I did save the family house. Got my mom a 2% fixed interest rate, got rid of that crazy ass balloon payment. This is the first time our family has actually pulled together. My brother and I are now getting closer like we used to be. He stayed away for years, but now he is part of our crazy train. Here is to family and keeping that train on track moving forward...Peace!