Jun 12, 2010

An aging parent

Mom is recovering from major back surgery. She thought the hospital was going to let her stay there until she felt better. HA...Her insurance ran out, bam, they wheeled her out. She was devastated. What happens to people in that situation who have no family? She can't drive. She does seem to enjoy being waited on a little too much. I will fix that in a hurry. The brother isn't as sympathetic. He is like "Mom, walk dammit"..She asked if she could get a bell. ?????? NOT HAPPENING. I found that if I use my "waitress voice" and pretend she is a customer that is a decent tipper it makes this alot easier. I am trying to be humble because one day I might be the aging parent. Be nice to your kids folks,lol....you never know when the script will flip. Peace!


Kathy M. said...

That happened with my mom, too. The insurance company decided she had been in the hospital long enough and discharged her. She couldn't even get off the couch without help to go to the bathroom. It's so hard to understand.

I like your idea of treating her like a well-tipping customer. I find that if I'm in a situation I'm powerless to change, it helps to reframe the way I think about it.

It's hard to take care of loved ones when the script flips. Hugs to you, Lori.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hang in there, buddy.

Sending love,


Lori said...

Kathy- I swear this has been the toughest year of my life. Today is my first day back to work. I can't wait. Going nuts in the house with her. Thanks for you care and concern.

SB- I am SB. Hanging by a thread, lol, is more like it, but I am hanging in there. Love to you too...