Mar 27, 2009

Simple Times = Peace of Mind

It's amazing what a day off can do for the mind, body and soul. I am now refreshed and energized to conquer another week of waiting on the carnivorous southern steak eaters. I took my dog out on our little boat yesterday. I often wonder what goes on in the canine mind. We were in the middle of the lake and I saw my dog absorbing all the sights and sounds, just like a young toddler. He is now my new captain on the lake. The most wonderful thing to me, after much contemplation, is that after all these years of chasing chaos and excitement, that I have finally learned how to appreciate and value simple joy. Sitting in a boat with my dog. Those are the moments where my mind relaxes and the clarity I seek is within reach. I know my little writings and thoughts can't change what is happening today in our country. The fraud, the cheating, the lack of care for middle Americans. I can, however, change how I deal with the intense feelings I have regarding the current state of affairs. Sometimes I just want to go to the White House and knock on the door and ask to speak to someone, anyone who is in charge. That's how you handle problems in your local neighborhood. I want explanations. I want to know why. I want someone to sit me down over a cup of coffee in the oval office and tell me the damn truth. Flight of fancy, I know. Never happen. The anger I feel for my children who aren't going to be afforded the same opportunities as I had or my parents had is a powerful thing. The key, for me, I am learning, is not to let it ruin my peace of mind or break my spirit. I am very patriotic. The American Flag hangs from my balcony and I watch it sway in the wind all day. I had to leave a city that I loved at one time. Now I am making my way in a new state and the pieces are gradually all landing where they need to. So when I watch the news and listen to utter bullshit, I look at my dog and I get in my little canoe and we pretend we don't care as we float around in the gentle waters. My dog has the security of knowing that he has a pack leader in this house who will feed him, nurture him, take care of his medical needs etc. He is a confident dog due to that fact. I have learned more life lessons from being a dog owner as of late than I could have dreamed. I hope that this country's "pack leader" does the same for the citizens of the United States, that I do for my dog. Have a great day one and all

Mar 22, 2009

Great minds still exist everywhere

Haven't had much time to post. I now work 6 shifts a week, which although tiring, is a blessing. So now I sit, perusing the blogs I read daily and enjoy. I am starting to think there is a link between minds on this planet. The thinkers, the writers, artists and so on. I see it as I travel this world via the ethernet. The most pleasurable people I have met aren't the ones who reside in the ivory towers. They are not "fabulous" or incredibly wealthy. The people I enjoy the most are the ones who take the time to put their thoughts and opinions out here for us to read and ponder. People who are not consumed with self, but concerned with the greater good. People who express their frustrations with the world that we all must live in together. It re-enforces to me that people still care. I sit here and click from blog to blog and I see an underground community of human beings who reach out with words from their keyboards. Reading has always given me pleasure. Reading the bloggers of the world has become quite the past time for me. That is where the hope is for me. Seeing other people just like you and me, not willing to accept the status quo, not buying the bullshit we are spoon-fed, that is the hope that drives me to get up everyday and try. To everyone who writes and shares their opinions on the beautiful internet, thank you.