Jul 13, 2010

hot so hot

I never knew how much a person could sweat until now. This heat is something else. I know, you heard me whine about the winters cold and snow. I like spring and fall. Period. i feel wilted. My face is too shiny. No amount of cosmetics can help. Actually make-up looks worse when it is running down your face in pretty little streaks. Yuck. I always see these genteel southern ladies with all their hair in place, make-up perfect etc. How do they do it? I am mystified. I always heard that men sweat and ladies perspire. Well sad to say, I SWEAT. Like a pig. I have been bringing deodorant to work in my purse. It's bad friends. We have had some summer showers. They do bring a breeze or two, but that's it. So keep a cool thought in your heart for me so I don't melt. I don't want to turn into a big puddle! Peace.