Sep 13, 2008

Gotta ? for all you good people

Answer me this...How come the price of gasoline went up 20cents+ in one day because of a weather forecast? I understand they had to shut down some refineries due to an impending hurricane. They also cut the production of crude oil by half a million barrels a day. So even if the hurricane was not to come our trusty oil companies ensured a nice tidy profit. We, at least most of us, have cut down our consumption of gasoline, so what do they do? They cut oil production.. I truly believe this is not a winning battle for the American people. Do we have control of our own destiny? Not if the oil companies have any say apparently. Oil and pharmaceutical companies have such a monopoly that our futures seem to depend on them. That is rather a sad state affairs...

Sep 9, 2008

Before computers? Oh my....

I am back online- on my own computer..Whew...which made me think about a comment MB left on my blog...What did we do before computers? I never realized how dependent I am on electronics until this week. My cell phone is programmed with numbers..Do I actually know the phone number? No, I just know if I want to call Barb, I scroll to her name and hit talk..What would I do if I needed to call Barb from a payphone? I don't know my friends' phone numbers anymore. Not a great feeling. Dependence. I no longer use a traditional Yellow Page phone book..I go online when I need information, any information. This must be such an exciting time for people who work in the science's and computer fields. We now have the ability to create a man-made black hole. So much mathematics and formulas, things I can barely comprehend. The quest for knowledge. The thirst to learn. Fresh bright minds our people have. Our abilities are becoming boundless. The irony is this...My son can tear apart a computer tower, tweak it, and make it something special..Guess what? His handwriting is atrocious. Illegible..However, the powers that be informed me that handwriting no longer matters, as noone handwrites papers anymore. So before the computers MB, my son would have to practice penmanship in order for his schoolwork to be legible. It simply no longer matters..So while I am the first one to admit I am a techno junkie, I do get wistful for certain rituals and rites that have been erased. Time to lay down and dream about 10 cent lollipops, blackholes and modems...Peace and God Bless

The nightmare continues

Well my modem has been blocked since Wednesday. The trusty cable company was supposed to be here yesterday between 7-10am...Grrrr, they were a no show...dispatch said noone was home.. WTF? That's all I had to do yesterday was wait on them. So they SWEAR they will be here today between 10am-1pm..On the positive side I made such a stink I got a $180 credit...Free cable this month. I told the rep it really isn't about the money, I want my damn computer up and running. This to me is unacceptable. Me being the optimistic gal that you know and love, woke up, got some java and I am in "a good place" me and Auggie are sitting here waiting patiently to see that white van with the CABLE logo on the side. He is going to come, right? A corporation that takes plenty of my money would never lie to me, the trusty consumer? Signing off for now, please pray that my next post isn't titled.."Call me Old Blue" God Bless!