Jun 17, 2011

The backyard

I must be getting older

So many little things bring me delight these days, that I must be getting older. When I see the neighbor lady jogging with her dog it brings a smile to my face. When I see my in-laws dog come running to me with a huge goofy grin I get that warm feeling inside. The clarity I have been searching for is starting to become apparent. It comes from within. The last two years I have spent seeking joy from outward pleasures. WRONG....I realize tonight as I type that it is the moments, the giggles, even the tears that make me complete. God what is that movie where Tom Hanks looks into that woman's eyes and says "You complete me"..I was a sucker for that one. I am learning that only I can complete me. Only than will I be able to give to another. I don't think the journey ever ends until ashes to ashes and whatnot. I do know I refuse to have a boring journey or a wasted one. Good night all..

Jun 16, 2011

Going shopping to fix up the new crib

Since Kenny's death I have moved way more than I would have liked. Met people that I wish I didn't. Met people that I'm glad I did. Now I am in a nice safe environment and starting over once again. This time feels right. A good friend told me recently that if I am seeking a companion get a dog. I have been saying that all along, I have been too transient in the past to conquer that goal. Now however it is def doable. Today's agenda is to get a few odds and ends to make this little place of mine feel cozy and homey. Shouldn't be that hard. It's been two years June 1 since the death of my husband. I think I am finally ready to face the world head on and begin my new chapter. I have found that shopping helps. New stuff for a new environment. Rick did bring me home a nice steaming hot dozen of crabs last night. That will cheer up any Baltimore girl. Peace!!!!!!!!!! m

Jun 14, 2011

Welcome to PA!!!!

Back and online and in a new state. Packed up all my crap and moved to York, Pa. The cost of living in Baltimore is just too rich for my thin blood. So I found I nice little basement apt. in a quaint little town. Lots of places to walk to, and if for some strange reason I get homesick I am only 45 minutes from Baltimore. I stopped blogging I guess 'cause I ran out of relevant shit to write about. The journey continues and I am seeing some great bright lights at the end of the tunnel finally. I am back...Peace!