Jun 16, 2011

Going shopping to fix up the new crib

Since Kenny's death I have moved way more than I would have liked. Met people that I wish I didn't. Met people that I'm glad I did. Now I am in a nice safe environment and starting over once again. This time feels right. A good friend told me recently that if I am seeking a companion get a dog. I have been saying that all along, I have been too transient in the past to conquer that goal. Now however it is def doable. Today's agenda is to get a few odds and ends to make this little place of mine feel cozy and homey. Shouldn't be that hard. It's been two years June 1 since the death of my husband. I think I am finally ready to face the world head on and begin my new chapter. I have found that shopping helps. New stuff for a new environment. Rick did bring me home a nice steaming hot dozen of crabs last night. That will cheer up any Baltimore girl. Peace!!!!!!!!!! m


the walking man said...

I love crabs and their meat but only if someone else does the cracking and picking...god what a pia they are.

Lori said...

WM- The picking and cracking is part of the "experience" my dear. Get some good friends, a few dozen crabs, and crack and pick away. Most good things in life are a pia at times. xoxox