Dec 1, 2011

My life

My life is anything I want it to be. There is a part in each and everyone of us that has that inner gift. Finding that gift is the journey. Not being scared to re-invent ourself when it's time. Sex, drugs, rock-roll. Yea, there was a time I thought that was the path. I was wrong. It's people, plain and simple. It might be the black man on the corner with his 40 ounce spouting out his drunken wisdom, not even ashamed of his urine stained pants. It might be the guy behind the deli counter who knows exactly what you want the minute you enter the door. People. Watching the little girls with their jumpropes playing double dutch. Giving a dollar to a guy with a cardboard sign that states he will work for food. I don't really give a shit what he does with the dollar, I just know I am blessed to have that extra dollar. I am on my journey now with full clarity. The biggest lesson I have learned so far is that people are what makes this world go round. I met an Indian fellow and he came out and said this is for me. It is a dream-catcher. I offered him a few dollars. He refused. Told me to sleep well at night. My journey now consists of being aware of everyone I meet. I find I absorb a little bit of everyone. That makes me happy. Peace!